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Purpose Is Calling You Above Water

Majoring Your Minor...

Purpose Is Calling You Above Water
Purpose Is Calling You Above Water

God Is Shifting You

I want to encourage you the Lord wants to bless and shift the way you see yourself, your purpose, and how impactful you are called to be in His Kingdom. Minor in the eyes of man equates to significant in the sight of the Almighty (see Jeremiah 29:11).

Minor With A Major Calling

Jonah was a minor prophet with a meaningful calling (see Jonah 1:1-4).
He was used to prophesying kind words (see 2 Kings 25-27). Continuing to prophesy the restoration of God’s people. Jonah knew God to be gracious because his own was evil, yet the Lord saw fit to restore and redeem them from their enemies. He was comfortable in prophesying to his own (he was satisfied with what we call today, a local house anointing). But when it came time for God to take Jonah outside of his comfort zone, he ran.

For many of us, the Lord has been calling us to step outside of our local.  He has been trying to reveal why we were indeed created. He has predestined this time for us to witness the real power of the gift that He has given us. But we must not be afraid or intimated in stepping outside our comfort zone. The mariners assisted Jonah in not fulling purpose. They were under the assumption that Jonah was just another passager trying to get to the same place where they were headed. There are people assigned to our lives to move us from one place to the next, but there are others who will assist us in going to sleep (see Jonah 1:5).

Coming Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Becoming comfortable in our local church is normal, but it is just a training ground; it’s not the bigger picture. Just as Jesus trained the disciples, he sent them out (see Matthew 10: 1-14).  Although everybody is not called to win everybody; somebody is called to win somebody, but what’s in you is called to reach everybody. Without respect of boundaries, states, or regions; God did not put a cap on His word. He created it to operate at a limitless magnitude, breaking spiritual barriers.

Wanting More

That’s why some of us are not content with what we’re doing. Our spirit groans for more, making us feel void even though we are doing what we love to do. That is the feeling of MORE. What’s in you is prophesying that there is MORE to you than what you see.  We are all comfortable in things that we feel like we have a handle on. But the Lord is looking for some people with the faith to move mountains, hope that says, “I see it changing, Lord, even though It doesn’t look like it”, or “I believe your word for healing regardless of the doctor’s reports.”

Is It Really You God?

Although Jonah was considered a minor prophet, what God placed in him was great. You often question;  Who me?  Why would God use me? And then you suspect if God is honestly speaking to you. You may even laugh a little bit, like Sarah. “A baby Lord?” Sara laughed. “I’m too old” (see Genesis 18:12).

It wasn’t until Jonah was tossed and doused in the water, and swallowed in the whale’s belly that his direction changed. Jonah fell enclosed in a place that provoked him to shift his focus to the call that was on his life.  Before Jonah went into the water, he was a fugitive of purpose, but when he got dipped and swallowed, He became a pursuer of purpose.

Eventually, Purpose Speaks Louder

Jonah finally realized under the water; he was no use to his call. He realized that the plan and purpose for his life resided above the water. With nowhere to go and nowhere to turn but to God.  He couldn’t go shopping in the whale’s belly, talk on the phone, listen to music, go to work, eat, go to six flags, travel, work his business, as a matter of fact, he couldn’t even do what he was born to do, and that was to prophesy. No miracles, signs, and wonders were going on, and neither was the Lord talking to Jonah. But Purpose was still speaking.  So it doesn’t matter what situation you are in; whether underwater, hiding, running, God’s plan and purpose will continue to call-out your name until you fulfill it.

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