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“Queen, Let Your King Find You” – The Potency In Purity

A powerful spoken word for the Proverbs 31 woman

“Queen, Let Your King Find You”  – The Potency In Purity
“Queen, Let Your King Find You”  – The Potency In Purity

I write words for those who cry at 2 pm when no one wants to hear them, for those who have a hard time being happy in the mornings due to depression. Let me introduce you to your missing piece…

The importance of being with a man who will put your purity before His lust is crucial.

Young woman of God keep your eyes on His Word. Bind it to your hands. Write it on your heart. Don’t let it depart from your lips.

You are worth much more than a dirty ‘hookup’, and a Netflix and chill isn’t worth bruising the One who was hung up for your sins.

Jesus wants you to be fully convinced of His goodness. It’s not just a late night thing.

His love is an everyday type of love. Every morning you are in it. Every evening you are in it. And repeat. And repeat. Heartbeat after heartbeat. His love doesn’t leave you all alone.

“You’re a girl by birth, a woman by maturity, and a godly lady by choice.” – Rashawn Copeland

His love doesn’t leave you all alone.

Every moment, every day, always. His love surrounds you.

Don’t reject your King.

Accept Him. Don’t kill Him, make sure you crown Him.

Turn away from your own extravagant lifestyle, expectations and exchange them for something eternal – perfect – constant and rest in assurance the presence of His Majesty is enough.

I once heard a woman say, “Don’t have sex with your demons and forget about God.”

The pleasures of sin are “for a season,” but it’s wages are for eternity.

Sin doesn’t pay – it costs. That’s why Jesus paid it all on the Cross.

Don’t let no man half love you! Stay pure – and rest in an unfailing love that endures forever.



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