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Questioning Evolution: Real Science Proves Darwin Got it Wrong

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Questioning Evolution: Real Science Proves Darwin Got it Wrong
Questioning Evolution: Real Science Proves Darwin Got it Wrong

Creation Ministries International (CMI) seeks to equip Christians to think straight in a crooked world, providing evidence from real scientists giving glory to their Creator. Don’t miss their Creation SuperConference on GOD TV each Thursday evening at 10pm and Friday afternoon at Friday afternoon at 4.30pm from July 5th


Some of the episodes and topics covered include:

  1. Myth Busting – Once a convinced evolutionist, Gary Bates is now a convinced Biblical Creationist who heads up Creation Ministries International. He speaks on Mythbusting, taking on the major proponents of Evolution.
  2. The Christian Roots of Science – Young Earth creationist Dr Jonathan Sarfati explains how modern science can flourish under a Christian worldview. Dr Sarfati has a PhD in Chemistry and works for CMI.
  3. Radioactive Dating and a Young Earth – Dr Jim Mason gives proof as to how nuclear physics supports the Bible and why this technique used to date materials such as rocks or carbon is invalid.
  4. Biblical Geology 101 – Carl Froede has a BSc in geology and has been active in creation geology since 1988. In this message, he reconciles his geological observations with Scripture.
  5. Bad Bugs – Frank Sherwin shares scientific evidence for creation. He has a BSc in Biology and master’s degree in Zoology. He explains how even parasites are part of God’s creation.
  6. Understanding the Law of Decay – Dr Carl Wieland the founding pioneer of the modern creation movement in Australia talks on  and how to bulletproof the longstanding entropy argument.
  7.  Spectacular Coral Reefs – Dr Robert Carter, who has a PH.D in Marine Biology presents evidence that validates the great flood as opposed to millions of years of gradualism.
  8. How the Earth was Shaped – Weather scientist, Mike Oard speaks on  explaining how the receding waters of Noah’s Flood deposited rock strata all over the world, carving the earth that we see today.
  9. Biblical Biology 101 – Dominic Stratham answers the question, “Is Darwinian Evolution good science?” Dominic is a chartered engineer who worked for Rolls Royce and author.
  10.  Behemoths Buried Alive – Mike Oard talks on looking at dinosaur trackways, burial nests and fossils that point to a catastrophic deluge. Mike is a weather scientist known for his Ice Age expertise.


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