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Quiz: How Well Do You Know God’s Word?

How well do you know God and His Word? Sometimes we think the answers are easy and sometimes we fumble at the easiest questions!

Quiz: How Well Do You Know God’s Word?
Quiz: How Well Do You Know God’s Word?

Let’s have some fun! This is a quick exercise to see how well you know the Lord God Who wrote the Bible.

A Simple Exercise

You can put down your answer and write down the Bible verse where the answer for that question is found in the Bible. Don’t worry if you find that there is more than one verse that fits as an answer. Find the most appropriate one.

You can choose to do it by yourself or do it with your friend or in a group!

There is a message in the answers of these questions, can you figure out the message? Ask the Lord to speak to you through the questions and the verses. Enjoy!

Are you ready?

The Questions are:

  1. What does God call Himself when He spoke to Moses?
  2. Is He a changing God or an unchanging God?
  3. Who can stand before Him, who has the right to enter His presence?
  4. What does He want for us His children?
  5. How does He want us to treat the poor and needy, the orphans, the widows, strangers and foreigners in our land?
  6. Does God say anywhere in His Word that it is okay to sin? How does He want us to view sin?  
  7. Who is the enemy of God
  8. Who lied to Eve and led her to disobey God? What were the consequences of Adam & Eve’s disobedience? Who suffered the most because of the lies? 
  9. Did God give us freewill and the option to choose? Do you think He forces us His ways on us?
  10. Does this life end here on earth? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell?
  11. Who did God create hell for? 
  12. Why did God send His only begotten Son on earth? What was the purpose of His life
  13. God created the sun, moon and stars and named each of them  – when did He name you and when did He write a plan for your life? 
  14. Who is the Father in the story of the prodigal son? What was his heart towards his son? How did he feel when his son returned? 
  15. Jesus said, I am the ______, the _______ and the ______! Complete the sentence.  

Did you enjoy this treasure hunt of Bible verses? If you did, do leave a comment.

It is wonderful to learn Biblical truth for ourselves through God’s Word. You’ll be surprised how clearly and directly God speaks to us.

Are you ready to begin a new journey with knowing God through His Word?


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