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Racial Reconciliation And Revival In New York City

Racial Reconciliation And Revival In New York City
Racial Reconciliation And Revival In New York City

It is indisputable that the United States of America is at a tipping point right now but we believe that God has been in our midst the whole time, walking hand in hand with His people!

Pastor Vernel Jackson from Brooklyn, New York, shares testimonies of the Good News of what God is doing on the earth right now, in his city, one of the epicenters for not only the coronavirus but protests and riots as well.

I have never seen New York in this state. Not only are we under quarantine wearing masks, but the city is full of protesting, rioting, and boycotting. Something different is happening in this city right before our eyes. I believe that God is saying it is time to deal with racism in the United States of America and we can no longer just sweep it under the rug.

I believe that God stopped all that would normally distract us on a day to day basis and has forced us to focus our eyes on the issue of racism in our country that we can no longer look away from. We can not get distracted because we cannot leave our houses and we can’t go back to our busy lives and pretend we did not see what we just saw on the news! We have no choice but to talk about it and we are all having to have tough conversations right now about the issue of racism in this country. Through it all, I believe the kingdom of God is advancing. I believe that there is an open opportunity for the people of God to see heaven manifest on this earth even in the midst of the tragedies we are seeing.

I saw someone post that right where George Floyd was murder, a team of people were baptizing people! People were getting saved and Jesus was being glorified on the sidewalk. There is reconciliation happening in New York. White and black people marching together proclaiming that black lives matter. This is a turning point! People in our country are responding with a genuine commitment of love and people are committed to fighting for true unity! We have come to the point where enough is enough!

I believe the millennial generation is the most aware generation because we have been exposed to events around the world because of social media. We are more aware and more exposed than ever and I believe that our generation will tear down the stronghold of racism for good in the United States of America.

We are having leaders gather in NYC on June 14 at the Federal Court District Building. The church needs to do what the church does best and pray and worship and change the atmosphere! We want to put Godly leadership on display and bring heaven to earth! We are getting together to come up with solutions and to pray as one big Church to release peace over the city of New York! I believe the third great awakening is happening and that there will be a revival like never before. Racial reconciliation will be the bridge to the revival that is going to come! It is the key that God is giving us to gain access to revival! We must choose to see what is happening in the right way!

Right now a lot of people have different perspectives of Black Lives Matter but if I say, “Black Lives Matter”, I am not speaking of the perspective of the organization. Before it was an organization, it was a cry that people were declaring. Some people have different perspectives of black lives matter. We aren’t saying all lives do not matter when we say black lives matter, we are just saying that there is a group of people that are hurting, that need help and attention right now. Just like in Luke 15, Jesus will go after the 1 that is lost, it does not mean he is despising the 99 but he will go after the one who needs justice. We as believers have a unique opportunity to embrace this as a Kingdom opportunity and I believe God is allowing this all to come up so we can deal with racism once and for all.

God is helping bridge the divide in the United States of America and His people are stepping out to see true justice come. People are beginning to have tough conversations that they now know they cannot steer away from, people are beginning to be more generous with those around them, people are praying for their neighbor, for police officers, for their black brothers and sisters. Reconciliation is happening on the earth and God is bringing healing right before our eyes.

There is a ministry in Brooklyn that is predominately of Caucasian leadership that will go into the toughest communities and minister to the children. I have met people in their 20’s who will say they are believers because of this ministry. These people are willing to risk their lives to go into these tough neighborhoods! Listen, there is a great harvest within the inner city communities and they are crying out for people to hear their story and to empathize with their pain. People need to see the gospel in a diverse way, and ministries like this one in Brooklyn show us that through love and commitment, we can truly begin to see the change we are all longing to see in this nation.

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