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Radical Makeovers Launches on GOD TV

Filmmaker, Rebecca Friedlander presents stories of transformation and hope

Radical Makeovers Redefines Beauty

Makeovers, photo shoots, and adventures. It’s all in this new series launching on GOD TV on Monday January 22 at 10.30pm. Produced by filmmaker, Rebecca Friedlander, Radical Makeovers features the transformational stories of 30 young women from  different countries.

“I travel the world with my camera uncovering the real definition of what it means to be beautiful,” says Rebecca, “Together we are redefining beauty as we hear the stories of girls who have been made over inside out by God the author of beauty.”

Rebecca is also a worship leader and artist who uses clay to share Scriptural truths in a unique way. She uses her potter’s wheel as a powerful illustration of God as the Potter and His people as His clay. This theme runs throughout the Radical Makeovers series as lives are changed, remodelled and God makes everything beautiful in His time.

The first season deals with many of the issues facing women today from eating disorders to all kinds of abuse, helping viewers to overcome guilt and shame and walk in the freedom Jesus brings. Radical Makeovers includes the following 12 episodes:

Coming up on Radical Makeovers on GOD TV

  1. Courageous Beauty – The adventure begins as Rebecca journeys to Alaska where she goes on an epic ride with horse wranglers. Then, it’s over to Paris, France for our first makeovers.
  2. Overcoming Fear – Meet Oriel, who’s makeover in Jerusalem, Israel helps us to conquer fear with true love. Also meet Charla for a musical journey and beautiful banquet table!
  3. Anorexia – The daughter of porn stars, Samantha shares her journey to freedom from eating disorders. This is followed by the story of a stunning makeover from the UK.
  4. Mexico – Beauty abounds in these Mexican makeovers as we move from brokenness to true identity.
  5. Letting Go – A former stripper shares her powerful story of healing and redemption in Christ. Meanwhile, a Nashville music artist vulnerably shares her journey to wholeness.
  6. Bulimia – Discover how an eating disorder steals true beauty and how Christ brings freedom and real identity!
  7. The Mom Factor – A Mrs America runner up shares about her restoration with her daughter. A story of abuse, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
  8. Eating Disorders – Meet Emily in the heart of London and Janie, a Texas girl. Both share about taking off the mask, stripping away rejection and embracing God’s love.
  9. Abuse – Rebecca travels to Northern Israel to meet a recording artist who has overcome her past of abuse. Plus, meet an Arizona woman who has stepped into her true identity.
  10. Broken Heart – In this episode Rebecca focuses on healing from date rape, divorce, and anger. With powerful stories from the Middle East and the USA.
  11. Hope – Isabel, a Norwegian model, takes us behind the flashbulbs of the runways. In addition, Megan’s makeover in London reveals the secrets of true beauty without performance.
  12. Image – Overcoming bullying words and the belief she was worthless, Brittny discovers the Father heart of God. In a fitting conclusion to the first season of Radical Makeovers Becky shares about overcoming insecurity.

Watch Radical Makeovers on GOD TV on Mondays at 10.30 pm (GMT / EST)  with a replay on Tuesdays at 2.30pm from January 22nd, 2018.

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