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Reaching the Lost through the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

Equipping leaders who reach the Jewish people with the Gospel so they can reach the non-Jew.

Reaching the Lost through the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute
Reaching the Lost through the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

If it were not for the Jewish nation, no one would have the chance of salvation. G-d created everyone. From one man, the entire world exists – Man, women, Jew, and Gentile. And all are equal in the eyes of the L-rd. However, G-d chose one race to be the carriers of the message to the world; the Jewish race. Some would debate why the Jewish race was chosen to spread the Messianic Jewish Bible, but G-d has a reason for His choices, the choices that would benefit all humanity.

Messianic Jewish Bible: Jewish Roots of Salvation

    • The Scripture – G-d inspired Jews to write the scriptures. Every book of the Messianic Jewish Bible was written by a Jew (although some say, Luke, who wrote the book bearing his name and the book of Acts was not a Jew). All Tanakh scripture points to a coming Messiah. The promise was given from the Garden all the way through Malachi. Prophecy about who He was and what He would accomplish; the perfect sacrifice for sin.
    • The Road to Salvation – Salvation would come through the Jewish people. Through the tribe of Judah; through the line of David; born of a virgin, descendant of the Davidic line; born in Bethlehem. Yeshua was miraculously born, lived a sinless life, and gave his life up willingly to restore the relationship soiled by the original sin in the Garden. The greatest part of the salvation process was that Yeshua rose again. This too was prophesied to in the Messianic Jewish Bible.
    • The Church – The church grew starting with that one day during Pentecost. Jews were prophesying in the name of Yeshua through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jews and non-Jews heard and believed. Additionally, both Yeshua and Paul witnessed first to the Jew. Jesus’ disciples were Jewish and Paul, when entering a new town, went straight to the synagogue. There is a reason behind this verse to the Romans:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1:16)


Messianic Jewish Bible: Why “to the Jew First?”

    • G-d’s Chosen People – Think about it. The promised Messiah had to come from somewhere; through someone. One race would have to be in a place of favor with G-d, one line would have to give birth to the Messiah. G-d saw Yeshua in the arms of Miriam (Mary), His mother. But Miriam had parents, and her parents had parents, that turns into a lineage, that goes back to David. In a way, you could say that G-d chose Miriam before He chose David. Since the choice was the person who would birth the Messiah, race had nothing to do with it. G-d’s chosen people is not about superiority; it is about grace.
    • Their Rejection – However, G-d’s chosen people consistently turned their backs on Him. Throughout the Old Testament, we read about them serving other gods and following the lifestyles of foreign religions, namely the nation that was enslaving them. The back and forth battle ensued through Yeshua’s time on Earth. Then the ultimate rejection: Yeshua as the Messiah. But G-d never fully discounted them; He chose to graft Gentiles (non-Jews) into the vine. Understand that this was His plan from the Garden, but there needed to be a triggering event. Their rejection enables Gentile acceptance.
    • Their Return – Messianic Jewish Bible prophecy states that during the end times that there will be a massive influx of Traditional Jews coming to believe in Yeshua as the Messiah. G-d will open their eyes, and they will once again move into their destiny of the ones to bring the world to the Messiah. “To the Jew first,” is because they are G-d’s chosen people, the chosen race to introduce all races to the Messiah.

Today’s Messianic Jewish Bible Message

Salvation to the Jew is so they can bring the gift of G-d’s forgiveness, through the Messiah, to the world. They were the vehicle G-d chose to deliver His message. The Messianic Jewish Bible is for all who will accept its teachings. And the Jewish nation is still the chosen people to reach out to the world for the cause of Christ. The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute is integral in spreading the message through the training, discipleship, and education of missionaries entering the mission field for G-d’s glory.

They are impacting believers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa through schools and education centers. They train them to minister to the Jews in these regions, planting congregations, ministries, and organizations. These ministries will reach out to first the Jew, then the Gentile, teaching them about Yeshua and that He is the Jewish Messiah.





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