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What If You Could Recognize God’s Voice On A Continuous Basis? Well, You Can!

There are 21 unique ways that God speaks!

What If You Could Recognize God’s Voice On A Continuous Basis? Well, You Can!
What If You Could Recognize God’s Voice On A Continuous Basis? Well, You Can!

Did you know there are not one, not two or three, but twenty-one unique ways you can hear God’s voice? And He’s speaking through the fullness of all three Persons of His Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

What if hearing God’s voice can be a continual source of experiencing God’s peace, presence, and love, even when you don’t have all the answers?

You can! And it’s easier than you might think.

Learn To Hear God’s Voice Through The ‘Love Speaks Masterclass

Is recognizing God’s voice really possible?

The Love Speaks Masterclass will teach you that the answer is a resounding YES! This Book explores the 21 ways we can hear God’s voice in our lives and guide us in personal growth with God. The more often you can learn to recognize God’s voice of love speaking to you, the more of His love you can receive personally, and also share with the world.

26 Exclusive Lessons and 3 Bonus Videos
Sit one-on-one with author/filmmaker and teacher Carl Wesley Anderson as he guides you through 12 hours of personal instruction to live out a Love Speaks life!

Get access to video lessons and an exclusive downloadable workbook to take notes through your journey. Watch while you grow—learn on desktop or mobile.

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Meet Your Instructor

Reverend Carl Wesley Anderson is an international equipping evangelist and documentary filmmaker.  His vision, through itinerant ministry and his unique calling as a Media Missionary, is to inspire and equip believers for passionate discipleship and hearing God’s voice.

Carl is the author of LOVE SPEAKS as well as the writer/director/producer of the LOVE SPEAKS film series.

He is also the Executive Director of Born To Blaze Ministries which produces and publishes quality evangelistic content like LOVE SPEAKS & FROM HISTORY TO HOPE in order to impact others, grow others spiritually and advance the kingdom of God.

Get to know Carl by following him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  He loves to interact with readers and viewers of LOVE SPEAKS – and he hopes that you will join in the conversations too.

​Carl resides in Buffalo, Minnesota, USA with his wife Sarah and their three children. ​

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