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Man Who Spent 7 Years In Refugee Camp Achieves Dream Of Becoming A Nurse

What a great example of continuing to press towards your dreams!

Man Who Spent 7 Years In Refugee Camp Achieves Dream Of Becoming A Nurse
Man Who Spent 7 Years In Refugee Camp Achieves Dream Of Becoming A Nurse

A man who spent seven years in a refugee camp achieves his dreams of becoming a nurse.

Justin Mwange

Justin Mwange was from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. During his teenage years, he and his family fled to Zambia to find refuge. They spent seven years in the refugee camp living in poverty and deprivation.

Refugee Camp

While on the refugee camp, Justin saw sick people dying at the side of the road and it did something to him. The only reason they were dying was because there was little access to medical help. This experience ignited a passion in him to help sick people in need.

Nothing could stop Justin’s determination to become a nurse. He refused to allow his lack of formal education and minimal financial support to stop him!

During his time in the refugee camp, he did what he could do to help people in need. Justin volunteered with Medicins Sans Frontieres to help sick people. He helped in monitoring the blood sugar and the weights of the patients.  He even helped distribute food to those most vulnerable to help keep them alive.

Refugee Resettlement Program

In 2007, Justin and his wife Elizabeth moved to Hull, England as part of a refugee resettlement program.  Justin started to take English classes while working in a factory to provide to his family. After finishing the English course, he decided to study social work and graduated in 2012.

He worked as a care assistant in the community for four years before finally enrolling in Hull University Teaching Hospitals to study nursing.

Today, at 40-years-old, Justin has been nominated for a national award by his University. He has achieved his goal and scored well on his placement tests.

“Being in a refugee camp for seven years, I lost my self-esteem and self-confidence of achieving anything in my life,” Justin said. “I always see myself at the bottom of the queue and as the weakest link in anything. Just being nominated for the award has raised my self-confidence and self- esteem.”

What was once just a dream has now become a reality for Justin.  He has overcome many trials to get to where he is today. May his story inspire you to keep pressing on towards you dream no matter what!

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Reference: Hull University Teaching Hospitals 

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