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Are You In Relationship With God?

He values connection!

Are You In Relationship With God?
Are You In Relationship With God?

As humans, we long for connection. We long to be loved and valued for who we are. Relationship is the core of our foundation in Christ. It’s how we’re able to identify ourselves not only for our own benefit but as well as for the people around us. Relationship with God is how we’re able to truly live relationally with people. We love because He first loved us. The key to this concept is first knowing how He loves us, so we’re able to love others the same.


Someone once told me that relationship with God has a lot of freedom but had no idea how to comprehend it. Growing up, I perceived God through a religious lens that prevented me from truly knowing Him. I was almost afraid of knowing Him because of previously conceived ideas I had assumed about Him. But, those ideas didn’t seem to be true at all. Trust me, seeking God for who He really is instead of believing what people say is so much easier and will help you long term.

I started to know him for myself. I started making my own opinions based on my own personal encounters with Him. He isn’t scary at all. He’s all-loving, caring, and compassionate. I learned that He is a God of second chances, and even third and fourth chances to say the least. Through relationship with God, I learned that He values connection just as much as we do.


It takes two to have a relationship. God and you. Two people equally committed to knowing each other, and fulfilling each other’s needs. I’ll leave you with something that changed how I saw relationship with God completely. “What kind of relationship would it be if only one person got what they wanted?” God cares about our needs just as much as we care for His. The greatest thing is both can be fulfilled just by showing up! To know God is to know His heart. To know His heart is to know how to treat His sons and daughters. Relationship with God is the key to overflow around us.

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