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Relentless Woman, Don’t Stop Praying

Relentless Woman, Don’t Stop Praying
Relentless Woman, Don’t Stop Praying

Truth be told, we all worry about something at some point in our lives. It could be about the future, our jobs, our family, or maybe our hopes and dreams. But because of life’s pressures and challenges, we lose sight of contending God’s promises about it. And let me encourage you, now relentless woman, don’t stop praying.

Never Give Up Praying

In a world where people’s opinions are louder, one should always take the time to pray and listen to what God says. Prayer is one of our greatest weapons in this life. It keeps our hearts aligned with that of God, and it keeps our dependency on God. Praying reminds us that we cannot do anything apart from Him. And anything that we do outside of His will is doomed to fail.

Our circumstance is what discourages us from praying. That is why the enemy always tries his best to distract us and keep our eyes off God. He wants us to believe that God is doing nothing and that He doesn’t care. The enemy is threatened with our prayers because it is so powerful. He discourages us from praying for God to pour out His great and perfect plan for humanity. The enemy doesn’t want God to win. That’s why he’s always on the lookout to discourage God’s people. The devil cannot stop God from answering your prayer, but He can stop you from praying those prayers.

So, don’t let the enemy win. Don’t let him stop you from praying and contending for God’s promises in your life. Remember who God is and how He mightily moved in your past victories. If He did come through for you in the past, how much more now? God is faithful, and He will always be.

Therefore, relentless woman, if you feel hopeless or if you are in doubt, kneel to God in prayer. Always choose to pray and worship God no matter what circumstance.

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