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Relentless Woman, God Won’t Let Go of You

Relentless Woman, God Won’t Let Go of You
Relentless Woman, God Won’t Let Go of You

There may be times you feel like you want to give up on life, and you think you’ve failed God, and you just want to hide away from Him. But let me tell you, relentless woman, even if you do so, God won’t let go of you.

Past painful experiences and traumas sometimes can cause us to hide away from God. Perhaps because we got used to the idea of love that gives up on us when we fail. The world taught us punishment if we fail, and we are not accepted if we don’t meet other’s expectations of us. Our mind has been wired so long in such a way that it keeps us from seeing who God really is.

His Love Never Fails

God’s love is unconditional. He showed that to us by sending His One and Only begotten Son so we might all receive salvation through Him. It says in Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Christ died even when there was no assurance if all His creation would really come back to Him. But still, He did it selflessly. His sacrificial love led Him to die on a cross and overcome death to give us His victory. He gave His life not to perfect and righteous people but for us, sinners. Even when we’re not worthy, He called us worthy and paid the price of our hearts with His own life. That’s how much God loves us. Such a reckless love, isn’t it? But this is the truth.

God Won’t Let Go

That’s why, relentless woman, even when you feel like giving up, or you choose to really give up, know that God won’t let go of you. Because His love won’t relent until you come back home again. God’s love never fails, and God’s love for you will never change. So stop running from His love and allow His love to embrace you and change you.

Rest in knowing the same God who holds the universe together is holding you, and He will not let you go.

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