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Relentless Woman, Invite God In Your Heart Everyday

Relentless Woman, Invite God In Your Heart Everyday
Relentless Woman, Invite God In Your Heart Everyday

Every day in this life, our circumstances change a lot. And often, these circumstances may cause us to stumble, fall, or strengthen our faith. That is why inviting God every day in our heart is a crucial character we all should take seriously as followers of Jesus.

How’s Your Time With God?

We often hear the quote, “time is gold.” And because many people believe in this principle, they don’t waste their time on things that wouldn’t benefit their future. Hence, most people spend several working hours every day to make a living to earn money. Being responsible is not bad until your relationship with God is compromised. Now, the question lies behind the motive of your heart in what you do. Are you still chasing God, or are you pursuing money, purpose, and pleasure before God?

Invite God in your heart everyday
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The thing is, if we are not careful, we could easily fall into this trap of believing we are putting God first by working hard but not prioritizing Him deep inside our hearts. That is why it’s very important to invite God every day in our hearts. In that way, we can always align our hearts with Him and His will without the danger of falling out.

Invite God In Your Heart Everyday

When you practice acknowledging God’s sovereignty over your life every morning after you wake up, you have God’s favor with you. And the best thing is, throughout that day, you would be sensitive to His presence wherever you go. Moreover, you would become mindful of God’s heartbeat to your circumstance. And your day every day would become extraordinary, full of hope, joy, and love—a miracle happens.

Therefore, relentless woman, do not neglect your time with God every day. Make spending time with Him a priority. Allow God to minister to your heart and let Him lead the way for you every day. And you can never go wrong with following His leading always.

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