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Relentless Woman, Let God Set You Apart For Him

Relentless Woman, Let God Set You Apart For Him
Relentless Woman, Let God Set You Apart For Him

In a society where culture has been shaped by what the majority deems as beautiful and acceptable, God calls every woman of God not to have to fit in and be set apart for Him.

Trying To Fit In

As women, it’s easy to define ourselves according to what we see. Especially in today’s social media age, where comparison has become a dilemma. Social media always sends a message to women to fit in and join what the majority is doing to gain likes and popularity. Thus, only then will they be considered beautiful. That’s why most women try so hard these days just to feel loved and belong.

God Is Calling His Precious Daughters

But contrary to popular opinion, God calls upon His daughters to be set apart for Him. You don’t have to change yourself and try hard to fit in just to be loved. The truth is, you are already loved, daughter of God. God is calling you right now to stop defining yourself from other people’s opinions and what society demands. You are already beautiful and amazing how God created you to be. Even without those Facebook likes or reactions. You are so loved that you don’t need to prove yourself to other people.

God loves you dearly, and His full attention is upon you, relentless woman. He sees you beautiful, amazing, and He delights in who you are. You don’t have to try so hard in the eyes of God. It’s okay now. Let go and allow God to love you and redefine beauty standards for you. Allow Him to set you apart from this world and make you a woman after His own heart.

When society demands pressure on your life, choose to fix your eyes on Jesus, and you can never go wrong with that. I believe you can do this all by the grace of God.

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