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Relentless Woman, Remember Your Identity In Christ

Relentless Woman, Remember Your Identity In Christ
Relentless Woman, Remember Your Identity In Christ

Where we anchor our identity is an issue every person needs to face every day. And whenever we fail to see ourselves the way God sees us, even for a moment, everything just gets messed up. That’s why, relentless woman, always remember your identity in Christ and stand in that.

Renew Your Mind

Renewing our minds (Romans 12:2) is not an easy task as the world’s noise keeps bombarding our minds with things that are not God. But we always have a choice to listen to God more than what the world tells about us.

So, if you’re feeling lost right now, and you don’t feel confident or secure about who you are, declare this truth over your life, regardless of how you feel.

Your Identity In Christ

1. I am God’s beloved, and my Beloved is mine.
2. God loves me so much deeply.
3. God has a great plan for my life even before I was born.
4. Great are His plans for my life story.
5. God is the best Story Writer of my life.
6. God wants to see me happy always, and He desires all the best things in my life.
7. God knows every detail of my life, and He cares so much.
8. God delights in me more than I delight in Him.
9. God will never leave me alone.
10. God is my number one encourager!

You Are God’s Joy

11. God loves to bless my plans that would glorify Him.
12. God loves to bless me abundantly.
13. It is God’s joy to see me surprised whenever He gives me something I’ve always prayed about.
14. It is God’s joy to see me always laughing and smiling.
15. God loves to spoil me with His blessings because, at the end of the day, I come back to Him and say, “You’re still the One I want in this world. This does not satisfy me at all.”
16. God is especially fond of me.
17. God loves to have moments with me.
18. God loves me not just on my best days but even at my worst.
19. God is so protective of me.
20. God so dearly loves me forever and ever that He died for me.

So, relentless woman, you are God’s precious, beloved daughter! Always remember that.

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