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Relentless Woman, Trust God Even When His Answer Is ‘No’

Relentless Woman, Trust God Even When His Answer Is ‘No’
Relentless Woman, Trust God Even When His Answer Is ‘No’

God never fails to amaze us with His works and miracles in our lives. And when He reveals His faithfulness on His promises, we can’t help but be in awe of Him. But there will also be times when His answer is “No.” And if this happens to you, will you still be willing to trust God?

When God Says “No”

We all have our own fair share of dreams and ambitions in life. And behind those desires are hearts with different motivations. Some good, some not. That is

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the reason why even when our Father in Heaven wants to bless us with so much, He sometimes withholds that from us if He sees it will destroy us. Hence, sometimes, God answers us with “No.” But again, the amazing truth is, even in His “No,” it is because of His goodness and love for us.

Are you in the season in your life where you’ve been praying over something for so long and God hasn’t answered it yet? Ask God to change and realign your heart with His will. Because maybe, He is not answering it for He has greater in store for you. Always remember that beyond your hopes and dreams, God knows what’s best for you because He goes before you. He sees everything and knows you by name.

The Prayer

In addition, practice praying “Lord, still, not my will but let Your will be done,” every after the end of your prayer time. In this way, you are acknowledging His Lordship over your life. That even in your hopes and aspirations, you would want His will more than anything. But the beautiful truth about it is that even praying this prayer means giving in to God’s plans. And we know how great and perfect God’s plans are for our life.

Therefore relentless woman, trust God even when His answer is “No.” You can wholly trust God’s love for you. His love never fails.

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