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Relentless Woman, Your True Love Is Jesus

Relentless Woman, Your True Love Is Jesus
Relentless Woman, Your True Love Is Jesus

Are you looking for love? Or did you find it, but it only left your heart broken into pieces? Then you’re in the right place, at the right time. Let me introduce to you the love that wouldn’t hurt you and the love you’ve been searching for all your life: your one true love—Jesus.

Searching For True Love

It’s easier to seek for love in all the wrong places in a broken world with a distorted view of love. As a result, some people jump from one relationship to another to fill that longing in their hearts. Some compromise their values just to make a person stay, even to the point of losing themselves in the process. It’s heartbreaking, but such dealings are really happening today.

Women, especially, seek that love from men. As emotional beings, they become easy prey to the enemy to deceive. That’s why many women end up in divorce, become a victim of adultery, and some become a single mom. Because they thought lowering their self-worth for a man and giving their all is the love that could fill them. But unfortunately, it will never fill that void in their heart.

So, who should women give their heart to?

Woman, give your heart to Jesus because He is your one true love. He is the love that died on the cross for your sins. He is the love who was raised to life 2,000 years ago, so you might live. Jesus paid for the price for your heart. You are precious, beautiful, and worth it. So, why would you give a discount to men who only prey?

Know your worth, woman of God. Never settle for less. And above all, be satisfied in the Lord alone. No love in this world can compare to what Jesus can give. He is the only love that will truly fulfill that longing in your heart. And until it’s Him that reigns in your heart, no man will ever do. Because your true love is, and will always be, Jesus.

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