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Remember Abraham: Finding Satisfaction in God

Remember Abraham: Finding Satisfaction in God
Remember Abraham: Finding Satisfaction in God

“Now Abraham was old, well advanced in age; and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things.” – Genesis 24:1.

Talking of all round satisfaction by the Lord, Abraham in the bible availed us a perfect example of a follower of our God who had all his needs ultimately met. When you are faced with nagging question of whether you will ever find satisfaction in God or wonder how you will ever be able to deal with the very many needs of life we are confronted with while our sojourn here lasts; remember Abraham. The above scripture captured the ultimate summary of Abraham’s life and not necessarily a picture of a perfect life without needs or struggles.

Not only did Abraham had to deal with challenges, he also felt hollow and unfulfilled at one point or the other in his journey. He went through famine, dealt with family rifts, suffered bereavements and obviously bore the challenge of not having a biological successor for a very long time. At the end of the journey, the blessing of God was what prevailed upon Abraham’s life and destiny unto all satisfaction.

Same all-round settlement by the blessing is what God wants to accomplish in you and make your life’s reality. A prevailing of divine enabling upon your life, not in the absence of, but in spite of the troubles and challenges you are facing right now. Remember the admonition of the scripture that being a follower of Abraham’s kind of faith and patience is your way unto Abraham’s kind of all-round satisfactions. (Hebrews 6:12)

One pivotal part of such faith is to wholeheartedly embrace God’s ability to enrich your life supernaturally. Remember the story of how Abraham went to rescue Lot and how the king of Sodom wanted to concede the goods to him; hear what Abraham said:

“But Abram said to the king of Sodom, I have raised my hand to the Lord, God most high, the possessor of heaven and earth, that I will take nothing, from a thread to a sandal strap, and that I will not take anything that is yours, lest you should say, I have made Abram rich.” – Genesis 14:22-23.

To lift your hand to God here signifies submission to God’s will, ways and promises of satisfying you, even when life does not feel or look so at the moment. To know of a surety that God is the ultimate owner of heaven and earth with the contents therein and that in His kindness He will order your all-round satisfaction is peace.

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