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Revelation Leads To Transformation

How to be transformed

Revelation Leads To Transformation
Revelation Leads To Transformation

God reveals His mind to His followers. And the Bible is the written word of God. Through the Bible, God has revealed His plans and thoughts to His people. He has disclosed His commands that need to be obeyed in order to live a righteous life. This revelation needs to be received for it to be effectual. However, many reject His Word and therefore suffer the consequences.

His Revelation

God also reveals His mind through His servants, the prophets. Jesus is the revelation of God Himself in the flesh. The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst men (see John 1:14). Jesus’ coming was foretold in the Old Testament and revealed in the New Testament. Those who knew waited for His coming and received Him with joy. On the contrary, others feared and like Herod tried to kill Him. What are we going to do with Him?

Transformation Of The Soul

We can choose to receive Him by inviting Him into our hearts or ignore Him. But if we ignore Him it is to our own detriment and loss. He has promised us eternal life, but we often choose a carnal life through rejecting Him. God has given us free will to choose. He created us in His image with a free will. Adam chose to disobey and so suffered the consequence of the curse of rejection.

Now Jesus came to redeem us from every curse. Yet we still reject Him. The revelation of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Open your hearts and receive this revelation and be saved. Now is the time to reveal the sons of God. The whole earth is groaning in pain for this revelation. This is the opportune time for others to know us. God is sending His harvesting angels now to reap the harvest of souls. Let us rise up in faith and take our place and establish His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

John Mathai

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