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Sadie Robertson Reveals She’s COVID-19 Positive: “I’m Not Going To Lie…”

Sadie Robertson Reveals She’s COVID-19 Positive: “I’m Not Going To Lie…”
Sadie Robertson Reveals She’s COVID-19 Positive: “I’m Not Going To Lie…”

Christian author and speaker, Sadie Robertson revealed in her recent Instagram post that she had been infected by COVID-19. But she thanks God for keeping her baby safe and for her full recovery.

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian Huff have been celebrating Sadie’s pregnancy. Ever since the Christian couple announced the miracle baby they received from God, they’ve been sharing their joy with their online followers. That’s why when the actress revealed the unfortunate news, everyone was shocked.

Sadie Robertson Being COVID-19 Positive

On Tuesday, Sadie shared a mind-blowing life update on Instagram. She wrote, “I’m not going to lie, this has been one of the most challenging things. I got Covid-19 and ended up getting very sick.”

Then she revealed her experience from the virus stressing that the symptoms were “wild”. She said, “I know everyone experiences covid differently, but wow these symptoms are wild. I’ve definitely struggled through this one!”

Sadie Robertson
Instagram | @legitsadierob

But despite getting very sick, Sadie was thankful that her baby was safe. She also revealed that she has now totally recovered from the disease.

“Thankfully baby Huff is doing great and healthy, and I am now healing as well. I’m no longer in the hospital (this pic was not from today) and I have just about fully recovered. I’ve learned a lot and I have been challenged in a lot of new ways.”

Faith Got Her Through It

Moreover, Sadie stressed that the sickness led her to depend on Jesus even more.

“I will say my dependency on Jesus has never felt greater in some of the hardest moment of this sickness. I’m thankful I serve a savior who is with me in these moments that feel rather lonely. My heart and my families heart goes out to everyone suffering with Covid.”

Let’s continue to pray for healing to everyone who found out that they are COVID-19 positive. May they also receive healing and fully recover from the disease.

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