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WATCH: Bill Johnson Gets Salty

Here's what Bill Johnson has to say about how you should taste

How Salty Are You?

This video is a simple, yet, a profound reminder from Bill Johnson that being the salt of the earth means we should be full of flavor.

Jesus said you’re the salt of the earth. If the salt loses its flavor, it’s not worth anything. It ends up being trampled by men. (Matt. 5:13)

We’ve Been Reading it Wrong.

Salt is a preservative. It preserves the food. There are wonderful lessons involved in being a preservative.

That’s not what Jesus was talking about here in this context.

God is a God that has extreme value for beauty. He celebrates beauty. He celebrates order.

He celebrates these things that He put in place and when the Lord says you and I are the salts of the earth, I believe He’s really talking about sprinkling us through society and culture to such a point to where we enhance and bring flavor to everything around us: the economic system, the educational system, the political climate. Every system should be affected by the creative impact of the people of God who know their God and have been implanted into their environment to bring that expression of the Kingdom into the world.

Where has the Lord commissioned you to be salt? In what creative ways is the Lord causing you to add flavor to the reality He has set you in? Who are you co-laboring within this effort?

Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs. Who could join you in prayer to see a greater breakthrough in the assignment you’re called to? Are you networking with others who have a similar vision and are also moving in a similar, if not the same direction?

Bill’s message provokes us to keep us on task as to the mission and vision the Lord has for every believer – to bring the Kingdom of God in our sphere of influence.

Be blessed in the commission before you today!


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