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Sandcastle Or The Real Castle – Which One Is Your Choice?

Are you ok with the enemy’s sandcastle?

Sandcastle Or The Real Castle – Which One Is Your Choice?
Sandcastle Or The Real Castle – Which One Is Your Choice?

What is happening today before our eyes is a sandcastle or the real castle moment. We have to be ready to discern to ward-off fear because fear blurs our vision for Godly possessions. So it is time to decide – a sandcastle or the real castle – which one is your choice?

Luke 10:19 says, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.”  Serpents denote lies among other attributes. But now the trick is how to identify the serpents that spew lies. If you are not able to discern the operating ground of the serpents of lies, how will you crush it?

Sandcastle – A Delight

Have you ever noticed kids playing on the beach on a sunny summer day? They love to spend time at the beach, playing all sorts of games, collecting shells, chasing crabs, and what not? But among all these, their favorite one would be building sandcastles in the beach sand. It is a delightful experience not only for them but also for us as we watch how keenly and skilfully they give shape to their beautiful castle.

Sandcastle Ruined

Kids are very careful that the place where they choose to build their castle is not too close to the sea. They don’t want the waves of the sea to crash down their castle. To them, it is like a real castle. They enjoy every bit of constructing it and they make every effort in preserving it. All of a sudden there probably would be a loud outcry of kids screaming and fighting over. If you run wondering what could go wrong all of a sudden, it would be a huge clash between kids. The center of this chaos would probably be some kid crushing the beautiful castle before the very eyes of the kids that earnestly built it. Broken castle! Broken hearts! What a shame!

Down The Memory Lane

The reason is kids take this very seriously. To them, it is like a real castle. They hope to keep that forever.  All because they are kids and they think accordingly. But when they grow up, they are not inclined to the same thoughts. When we were young, we had similar thought patterns. Each one of us would have experienced building sandcastles and probably even would have experienced the heartbreak of some bully ruining it. But now we don’t even remember it as it is only a forgotten incident down the memory lane.

Discerning The Difference

As adults, we would not choose to go to the beach often for the sole purpose of building sandcastles. We have serious issues to deal with practically, like the home loan horror! However, spiritually many of us tend to hold childish mindsets that keep us from discerning what the Lord has for us in our lives and the future of our great nation.

We are against the devil by all means. There is no doubt about that. But we are intimidated by just believing the deceptions that the devil wants us to focus on. When we don’t see immediate results that are favorable to us, we get confused. We keep allowing fear to take root in us when we begin to taste the lies the devil feeds us. We try to taste and then we give in to it and make it a part of our regular diet. If this is the condition, there is no way we can allow ourselves to enter into the promise the Lord has for us and our nation.

Clear Your Vision

The devil slowly makes his move and tries to corrupt our faith by showing his false claims. What’s happening today is nothing but the enemy making false claims. He succeeded in building this sandcastle, claiming that he has taken the Kingdom.

We have to have a clear vision to see and understand that it is only a sandcastle and not the real one. The real one belongs to the Lord’s elect. Just a sandcastle cannot be the operating headquarters of the devil. He needs to get to the real headquarters to proclaim victory. But this is not going to happen. You and I can forbid this from happening if you agree to what the Lord has promised. We can pray and praise the Lord for a victory that He had already established in His kingdom.

Get Ready To Take Over

We have to outgrow our childish mindsets. We have to be matured enough to understand the tactics of the devil and refuse to acknowledge the enemy’s sandcastle. Sandcastles are for kids, not adults. We are expecting and awaiting the real kingdom of God. How much more vigilant should we be in seeing the Lord’s will done in establishing the leadership in our nation as it is heaven? Do not give way to confusion.

Rub the blur off your eyes and see, for it is only a sandcastle. Don’t fall for it. If you do fall for it today, then you will have to face the real consequences of believing a lie when the enemy makes his way through the real castle, the real headquarter, the real kingdom. So don’t give the enemy a toe-hold in your mind. Wake up today! Be bold and courageous. Pray and praise, for our true victory is at hand!

“And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.”  (Romans 16:20)


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