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Sara’s Story – 21st Century Miracle

God is alive and well and so are His miracles - don't lose faith!

Sara’s Story – 21st Century Miracle
Sara’s Story – 21st Century Miracle

Do you believe in miracles in the 21st century? I do. I have seen one. I wish I could tell you we always get miracles when we ask – I believe we can surely ask, but the decision is up to God. We must trust His heart. The miracle I saw? It was a long, tough journey but to God be the glory!  I just saw this beautiful bubbly miracle again last week. Every time I hear her contagious laugh or anointed voice lifted in worship, I am once more in awe of our God of wonders and miracles.

Read on and walk the path of a miracle –

“Hi! I’m Sara (without an ‘h’). I have always been the happiest  person I know! And as a 32 year old mama of four beautiful children, a wife, daughter, sister, worship leader, business entrepeneur – the word CANCER was NOT a word I expected to have spoken about and over me. BUT cancer is not a respecter of persons. I was diagnosed with brain cancer; an inoperable, grade 3 malignant astrocytoma, to be exact.

Its only goal is to destroy me.


In March of 2014, I started having headaches that were short, intense bursts of pain that would make my vision go black. The doctors thought that I might have an aneurysm and sent me to get a cerebral angiogram. The test came back great! No aneurysm! This was a same day, in and out procedure. Except I did not recover the way that I should have. When I woke up from the procedure I was confused and the pain in my head was excruciating. I didn’t know where I was or why I was there. As they questioned me, I told them that it was 1999 and that we were in Michigan (the state that I was born in). When in fact it was 2014 and we were in New York state. I couldn’t understand why the words coming out of my mouth didn’t make any sense. The doctors made a comment to my mom and sister that I must be a party girl, and this was attention-seeking behavior. After eight hours in the emergency room nothing was better. The irritated hospital staff tried to release me, but my family insisted that this was out of character for me and that they needed to dig deeper. As it turns out I was having a series of strokes and was admitted immediately to the ICU! My brain lit up like stars in the night sky with stroke activity.


The next morning, when I woke up in the ICU, I felt completely fine. I was ready to go home. That my friends, was miracle #1. When my doctor came into the room and looked at me, he was amazed. He said that I should have facial drooping, that I shouldn’t be speaking and that my body shouldn’t be working. So, he sent me for another brain scan and my brain was clear from all stroke activity! But there was a spot; a spot that they couldn’t identify. They decided that I needed specialists at a larger hospital in a larger city, and oh by the way  – you need it now! So, they sent me by ambulance, by myself, in a snow storm, to a larger hospital two hours from home.


While I was in the emergency room, my phone dead, waiting for my family to get there, a young doctor came in with an armful of charts. He began asking me the usual questions. I thought, “It’s just a stupid headache,” and voiced that. That’s when he let it slip that he thought that I had a brain tumor.

The journey to my miracle:

March 2014 – The doctor’s words were, “I’m sorry, but the tumor is inoperable.”


April 2014 – “We found a pediatric Neuro-oncology surgeon who will try!”


June 2014 – After the eight-hour surgery, “I’m sorry, but the tumor was much larger and more invasive than we thought. We were not able to remove it, but we did take a small sample to biopsy.”


June 2014 – “I’m sorry, the biopsy came back and there are active cancer cells; we need to schedule chemotherapy and radiation for you.”


June 2014 – Me, “God? Where are you? Daddy? I need You. Abba? Please have mercy! My babies need me.”


August 2014 – I start an aggressive radiation and chemo schedule.


September 2014 – My beautiful blonde hair is gone. I am weak and sick. “God! I am so mad! Why? Why me?”


October 2014 – “Father I don’t understand, but I know there is a reason. I know that there is a purpose. God, I want to be healed, but if more good will come from my death, then so be it. I will be still. You are God.”


October 2014 – I write last letters to my family, “If you are reading this it means that I am already in Heaven…”


November 2014 – Be still, have faith.


December 2014 – Be still, have faith.


January 2015 – Be still, have faith.


February 2015 – Be still, have faith.


March 2015 – Be still, have faith.


April 2015 – Me to my doctor, “When will I be cancer free? When will I be able to ring the bell? When will I have a clear scan?” Doctor, “Sara, you are never going to have a clear scan. We are just trying to keep the tumor from growing. It hasn’t gotten any smaller.”


I cried out to God, “Daddy, Your will be done, but please use me. And if You’re going to heal me, do something cool! I don’t want anyone to say that it was anything other than You alone!”


May 2015 – But God. That May my mom and I sat in the neuro-oncologist’s office for what seemed like forever. What was taking them so long? They usually don’t make me wait. Then several doctors came in and I thought, “Oh crap!” My doctor said, “I’m sorry that it took so long, but we had trouble finding your scan. We thought that we were looking at the wrong scans. We usually locate it by watching for the tumor and we kept passing it because the tumor is no longer there!”


Wait What!!!?


“Do you want to see?” YES!!! There was an empty hole where the tumor had been!


Hahahahaha, RING THAT DANG BELL!!!


My God! My Daddy! My Best Friend! He is super cool, and yes, I am His favorite! But so are you! Don’t give up Keep pressing on! Be still and know that our Daddy God loves you! And that there is purpose in the pain. What you are going through isn’t for nothing!

February 2019, God is great!!! Still cancer free!


My prayer for you is that my story inspires you to remember that we serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God of the Bible is still alive and well; He is still a miracle working God. Mighty mountains can be moved with faith the size of a tiny mustard seed. Let Him finish writing the story of YOU, and rest assured it IS a masterpiece.”

– Sara Price Rucker

Erin, NY

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