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Satanic High Priest Encounters Jesus!

Nobody's too far gone for the grace of God!

Satanic High Priest Encounters Jesus!
Satanic High Priest Encounters Jesus!

Nobody becomes a Satanic high-priest overnight… it’s a downward spiral from God’s truth and in John Ramirez’ case, it started in his childhood.

John grew up in a family who practiced Santeria. an Afro-American spiritist religion closely aligned with Voodoo. His father’s side came from a family of witches and warlocks.  Growing up, John longed for a relationship with his dad.  However, his father was heavy into Santeria and spiritualism.

“There was no love; there was no compassion. We watched him beat my mother in the house.  He came in drunk most of the time–demanding stuff.  If things weren’t done a certain way it was always put down, hurtful words: ‘Dummy!  Stupid!  You’re going to amount to nothing.’  That kind of stuff,” John recalls.

“I would just stand by the door and look and see what he was up to because I was looking to see if there was time for us to interact but he was connected to the demons; he was connected to spiritualism.”

Because of his desperate longing for a father figure Satan soon became the father John never had, making John devoted to him. Until he was invited to go to church where his life was forever changed.  Watch the CBN video below and see how John broke out of the devil’s cauldron.

Satanic High-Priest is finally able to say ‘Jesus Is Lord’

Credits: YouTube | CBN – The Christian Broadcasting Network


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