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Satanic High Priest Encounters Jesus And Becomes An Evangelist

Satanic High Priest Encounters Jesus And Becomes An Evangelist
Satanic High Priest Encounters Jesus And Becomes An Evangelist

A man who used to be a Satanic High Priest came face to face with Jesus and was transformed. Now, he shares about the enemy’s tactics to steal, kill, and destroy the world.

Former Satanic High Priest

John Ramirez was a high priest in the church of Satan. He used to be known as the son of the devil. He was a general in the kingdom of darkness. John grew up in a family of witches and warlocks. They practiced Santeria, demonic worship of saints. As a result, even at a young age, he got involved in Satanism.

At age seven, he saw his father worshiping the devil in their home. Thus, fear had filled their home because of the devil’s presence. From then on he became wrapped up in the occult and worshiping the devil. He also attended a demonic church, and was trained by witches and warlocks.

Additionally, John’s father was very abusive. He never felt love from him. And because of his need for affirmation from his father, he strived to earn love and be noticed.

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Living In The Dark Side

Growing up, he became so engulfed in darkness. He spent his time participating in many demonic practices. He grew in practicing darkness and eventually became a Satanic High Priest.

In his last conversation with the devil before becoming a Christian, the devil told him, “My son, could I talk to you?”

He turned numb, and the devil said, “You know why God threw us out of heaven? Because God was jealous of us. And that’s why He threw us out of heaven.” Then the devil left.

While walking home at four in the morning, Jesus Christ appeared.

Prayers Are Powerful

John explainedt that “sometimes the enemy tricks believers into believing that their prayers are not working” because we focus too much on the natural when many things are happening in the spiritual realm.

“Nothing comes back empty, void or undone when you use the Name of Jesus,” he said, highlighting that prayers are powerful. “It’s like a nuclear bomb to the devils.”

John then urged believers to pray. He said, “Pray for the atmosphere of your neighborhood, and community and God will change your family.”

Today, he is a follower of Jesus, full of the power and love of God!

Reference: YouTube | ISN

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