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Screen Time – A Breakthrough In The Middle Of The Facebook Outage

An historic outage from the tech giant brings unforeseen spiritual insights

Screen Time – A Breakthrough In The Middle Of The Facebook Outage
Screen Time – A Breakthrough In The Middle Of The Facebook Outage

If you’ve been concerned about your screen time (how long you spend staring into your smartphone)  March 13th, 2019 could have been a further reminder to curb your online preoccupation… It was the day that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down for a day.

What happened? Facebook and all of its flagship apps including, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down without any announcement or notice to the public. The world went into a shock for those who use the app regularly and were not able to use the platforms to post, connect with friends or communicate to relatives at all.

But what did I learn about myself? I learned how many times I look to social media for comfort, to waste time as well as to distribute the Gospel to thousands daily.

Now, some of you are probably thinking, that is a WIDE spectrum of things that you rely on social media for!

But here’s my point, I use it too much for distractions and to waste time and I know that I can work on that!

I have started using a feature on my iPhone called ‘Screen Time‘ that maps out how much time one uses on what app per day, per week and per month. By tracking my usage, I have been able to save myself up to four hours a day just from using this feature to help hold me accountable.

Since taking the initiative to track my usage, I have been able to start reading scripture more to learn more on the TRUE Gospel, meditating on the Scriptures and feeling more in control of my life as a whole. My mind has never felt clearer and I mentally feel on top of my life.

Now, it takes more than slimming down social media time to get these results and will take a lot of dedication and accountability, but I wholeheartedly believe that you can do it as well.

I have been using the feature for the past few months and I absolutely love it. It makes it so much easier to hold myself accountable and to keep my eyes off of my screen and more into the world in front of me.

So while social media and technology are all great tools to have… stay aware of the world around you and make sure you are attentive in the here and now.

Don’t miss your calling because of a social media addiction. Break the cycle today!

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