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Watch The New Season Of The Mum Show On GOD TV

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your family

Watch The New Season Of The Mum Show On GOD TV
Watch The New Season Of The Mum Show On GOD TV

The Mum Show offers grace-filled advice for young mothers. Produced and hosted in the UK by Marina Magdalena of the Promise Collective, it includes child therapist, Emma Browne and Life Church leader, Clare Hooper.

GOD TV aired the first season aired in 2017/18 and season 2 started on January 21st. It can be watched each Monday at 9pm.

“We’re really pleased to partner with Marina and her team to bring you Season 2 of the Mum Show,” said GOD TV Regional Director for the UK & Europe, Fergus Scarfe. “The Mum Show has been very well received by GOD TV viewers which shows the demand for honest, candid programming about the joys and travails of modern family life.  If you are a parent to young children, don’t miss this opportunity to transform your family.”

Read Marina’s post, Before Your Child Belonged to You, They Belonged to God, which presents valuable parenting insights as she uses the Biblical account of Abraham and Isaac to show that our children are the fulfilment of a God-given promise.

“Where God promises He provides. As parents, this is good news! You can now breathe a huge sigh of relief and assure yourself – God has got this!” Marina says.

What our viewers are saying

  • “Anyone that’s not had a chance to see this amazing mum talk show, take a look. Great wisdom for bring up your children,” – Corinna.
  • “Well done. This is an amazing initiative. Wishing you well. From a dad!” – Al.
  • “Wonderful ladies, praise God for your ministries that will help so many mums out there!” – Jean.

Meet the mums!

From left to right: Clare Hooper of Life Church,  Marina Magdalena of the Promise Collective; and Child therapist, Emma Browne.

Watch The Mum Show on GOD TV each Monday at 9pm (EST /GMT) Click to watch the Mum Show now on demand.

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