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Secrets To Prevailing Through Pain, Suffering, And Disappointment

We weren't guaranteed an easy life...but we were promised help to overcome trials!

Secrets To Prevailing Through Pain, Suffering, And Disappointment
Secrets To Prevailing Through Pain, Suffering, And Disappointment



Popular radio host and author, Susie Larson, knows what it’s like to be in pain. From childhood to today, she’s still prevailing, and she’s faced numerous battles, such as:

  • sexual trauma,
  • Lyme disease and
  • Neurological disorder.

At the height of her storms, fraught with symptoms, Susie cried out to God: “What’s going on, Lord? Where are you?” That’s when she received a thundering, but curious word from heaven.

God said, “The storms reveal the lies we believe and the truths we need.”

Empowered by Truth

Not surprisingly, God’s answer caught Susie’s attention and set her on a quest to discover the truths she needed.

And she found them.

With the guidance of God’s hand and the gentleness of His voice, she uncovered powerful truths that strengthened her when she was sick, comforted her when she wondered, “Why me?” and motivated her when she didn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Today, Susie has written 16 books and hosts a national radio program that broadcasts to 100,000 listeners every day. And while she still suffers symptoms, the truths she now stands on are what empower her to prevail through every pain and disappointment.

Prevailing: Answers for You

I think we all can relate to Susie’s experience at some level. None of us have perfect lives. Each one of us are in need of hope through our disappointments and healing of our wounds, whether emotional or physical. Certainly, at times, we all ask God, “Why me?”

That’s why I invited Susie to share her story and the truths she discovered that inspire her to press forward. Tune in to our discussion above to learn:

  • why God allows the enemy’s attacks,
  • the answer to your, “Why me?” questions,
  • tips for how to stay motivated when you’re in pain,
  • and more.

What storms surround you today? What battles do you face? Join Susie for an impartation of truth, grace, and strength.






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