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See What God Is Doing In Lockdown And Beyond

Sometimes being forced to stay still on one spot can bring forth growth you never saw coming.

See What God Is Doing In Lockdown And Beyond
See What God Is Doing In Lockdown And Beyond

Lucidity in Lockdown

Most people who embark on a spiritual journey experience a period of “wilderness” or “valley” at some point in their lives. It often is a time that precedes a new phase or chapter in that person’s life. Although it may feel isolating and confusing, it is not about what is being lost but about what is about to be birthed. This season is also one of incubation in which something new is gestating, in order to “come forth” at the designated time. Being under imposed lockdown due to COVID-19 is seen as an enforced time of isolation.

Unfortunately, it has brought fear, confusion, and insecurity (both physical and spiritual) to many people. This has resulted in reflection and questioning by people who have previously been too busy, too arrogant, or too scared to ask or consider. It has been, at times, a serious and often profound wondering about our culture, values, beliefs, words, and actions.

Lockdown Readjustment

I believe that this event (whilst not created by God), has accelerated what God has been revealing for some time, which is that He is asking for a seismic readjustment from those who call themselves His family.
This major re-calibration is primarily and firstly applicable to each of us as individuals. The “new” collective will emerge from the commonality of the paradigm shift that takes place on an individual level. It’s imperative to face this challenge head-on and not deflect it towards another person or group.

What are some elements of this shift?

A softening and tenderizing of our hearts which increases our sensitivity to God and our two-way communication with Him. And a much greater dependence on the Holy Spirit and less on other “props” – even good ones! An increase in our adaptability and acceptance of adventure in conjunction with us surrendering our “risk-averse” tendencies and our timidity. Loss of familiar routine is helping us leave the “status quo” behind.

The crucifixion of our prejudices and “non-negotiables” so that God can bring fresh revelation to each of us personally. A radical fresh start is called for. There is a new launch for each of us into the “things God has prepared for us to do”.

A deeper level of intimacy with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit resulting in ‘experience’ that is beyond knowledge. The challenge to get our “house in order”- our internal mindset, values, posture, and purity. Relational investment with God and others. Relationship/ family are God’s desire and design. Preparation for what lies ahead. Much of our faith, personally and collectively is no longer fit for purpose given the day we now live in.

Only God can lead us in this

Your time as a caterpillar has expired and the butterfly will shortly emerge. Stop thinking and talking like a caterpillar. The time of metamorphosis is painful and bewildering but there is a glorious moment of a resurrection appearing. Having waited this long for your wings don’t hesitate or be afraid to use them.

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