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How To Seek For Hope In The Place Of Despair

God is the God of hope.

How To Seek For Hope In The Place Of Despair
How To Seek For Hope In The Place Of Despair

In a recent episode of Standing Together live stream with Ben and Jodie Hughes, Patricia King talks about seeking hope in the place of despair.

Patricia King

Patricia King is an apostolic and prophetic minister committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through media. During the interview with Ben and Jodie, the Supernatural Life host talks about finding hope amidst trial and despair.

She emphasized that God is the God of hope and that no despair can take His love away from us.

“We want to encourage all of you who are watching, no matter what you’re going through right now if you are in a place of despair. If you’re in the place where the enemy is telling you that there’s nothing to live for, that God is the God of hope. And He loves you and He’s got a plan for your life,” Patricia shared.



The spiritual mentor then continued to talk about the danger of media. Media can be a voice of hope or a voice of despair, so it is important that we wisely choose what we listen to. Patricia continued to reference a verse in the Scripture to elaborate that we have to truly consider what goes into our hearing.

“‘Consider carefully what you hear,’ He continued. ‘With the measure you use, it will be measured to you – even more.’” -Mark 4:24

“Just have confidence and just know that when you call on His name and invite Him in, He comes. Don’t listen to anything that the enemy is saying that you’ve gone too far. Or your sins are too bad, or too much for God to forgive. No, He wants to come in and make you a brand-new person.”

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