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Seer Ana Werner: A Voice for Change in Our Day

Peer into the spiritual realm with seer Ana Werner!

Seer Ana Werner: A Voice for Change in Our Day
Seer Ana Werner: A Voice for Change in Our Day

We are witnessing the rise of prophetic voices speaking truth, light, encouragement, and destiny to the Church of Jesus in our day.  One such voice is that of Seer Ana Werner.

The role of the prophet/prophetess

What is the role of these prophets and prophetesses? First off, they hold the second gift office that Jesus gives to his bride. We find this office mentioned in both 1st Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. The office is a foundational one for the church.

A foundational role

Second, we see in Ephesians 2 that the Church is built on the foundation of both the apostles and the prophets. So there is something both in their ministry and their character which serves as a foundation for the advancement and growth in the Church.

Third, all throughout Scripture, we see them speaking to kings and rulers. Some of the better examples are Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David before he was King, Nathan, Daniel, Isaiah, and the list goes on.

Sometimes these prophets were reluctant and had to be prodded by God into fulfilling their call. Jonah typified the reluctant prophet. Another was Gideon. (Gideon was called a judge, and the judge fulfilled the role of prophet in their day and time.)

The heavenly viewpoint

So what does Seer Ana Werner give to the Bride of Jesus? Her calling is to live in and experience the Heavenly Realm. She then takes the things she sees and hears and brings them to us. Her gift is recognized by people like Patricia King, Sid Roth, Marilyn Hickey, and others.

She is also involved in helping others with their own prophetic gifts. For example, She is doing a seer realm mentorship session at the River of Destiny Church this coming October. This looks exciting!

This is one way to discern a true apostolic or prophetic calling on a person – They are busy replicating themselves in others. They launch others into ministry. They have this command deeply buried in their spirit. You could say it’s a core value that guides and directs much of their activity. Replication. Multiplication. Discipleship. Jesus spent 3.5 years discipling 12 men to take His place when He left the earth. His apostles and prophets are doing the same in our own day.

Prophets like Anna Werner help the church fulfill the “Dreaming Heart Project” of Father God found in Matthew 28:18-20, which we call the Great Commission. The Great Commission exposes the Father’s heart in a deep and emotional way if we are willing to hear His heart. We see His heart in the answer He gave Moses when Moses asked God to forgive Israel for their sin of idolatry. He forgave them readily but told Moses the one thing always on His mind and heart. And that is this, that His people would fill the Earth with His glory (Num. 14:21).

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed

So what is the glory of the Lord? Nothing more and nothing less than His people reflecting the character and grace and humility and authority of Jesus in every area of their lives. It’s a high bar set before us, and He’s given us everything we need to leap over it continually (2 Pet. 1:2-11).

So when we have opportunities to be mentored by people like Seer Ana Werner, we should see this opportunity for what it is. It’s an opportunity to be discipled into the Covenant of Jesus, to be drawn alongside Him in His work here on Earth. It is an invitation for us to participate in the discipleship of the nations.

Together, we are the Body of Christ

Fresh voices like that of Seer Ana Werner are critical to our growth and progress in spiritual maturity. We can’t say to the prophets and seers, “I have no need of you.” Paul deals with this bad attitude in that great passage on the Body of Christ found in 1 Corinthians 12. We need the apostles and the prophets if we’re going to be successful in our life and our mission. We need input from the viewpoint of Heaven to help guide us in our decision-making and church building.


Ana Werner is an everyday person with an extraordinary gift: she can see the invisible world. Through an engaging blend of supernatural stories—including encounters with Jesus and revelatory experiences in Heaven—and practical spiritual truths, Ana releases a powerful impartation that will help you to start seeing into the spirit realm with this incredible e-course!

Ana’s powerful book, The Seer’s Path is an essential introduction to “the seer realm”. Furthermore, In this 3-part video series, she provides in-depth teaching and activation on:

  • Biblical understanding of what defines a “Seer.”
  • Practical keys to seeing into the spirit realm.
  • Unique insights into the workings of angels and demons.
  • Essential tools for engaging in victorious spiritual warfare.
  • Insider glimpses into the rooms of Heaven and realms of God’s glory.

This article was written by Mark Becerra

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