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Seven Stumbling Blocks to Your Creativity

Seven Stumbling Blocks to Your Creativity
Seven Stumbling Blocks to Your Creativity

You don’t have to struggle with creativity. The Lord is calling you to create, to build, to form and invent. Whatever is distracting you and causing you to give up hope is originated from the earth. Even though the earth’s is the Lord’s there is a system in the earth that is against you and against your creativity. This system is the world system, it is called Babylon.

Babylon originates from Babel, which means confusion. The confusion you are currently experiencing is not from God, but from the world. The world is not the source of your creativity and neither can it stop you. What you have to do is access the realm of Heaven and create from there. The origin of your creativity is Heaven. The seat and source of your creativity is Heaven.

These are seven common things that keeps you back from reaching your creative greatness. These seven things are all originated from the world and its system to hold you back. 

  1. Inertia: You have the desire but you can’t translate it into action. You want to do but something is holding you back from starting or continuing. 
  2. Fear: You are gripped by an emotional response to the unknown. Your imagination is being plagued by what you don’t know but you perceive it as real. Many artists fear success or they fear finishing a project. Many creatives fear the end of what they are creating. They fear running out of ideas. 
  3. Anxiety: You believe that what you are about to do will become beyond your control. You are paralyzed by feelings of rejection that cause you to experience tension in your mind and body. You worry about how others may not approve of you.
  4. Perfectionism: There is always something stopping you. You’ve created a list of why you can’t succeed, why you can’t create. You have told yourself why it can’t work. You reject any beginning. It’s never the right time to start something or complete something.  
  5. Limited thoughts: These thoughts are actually coming from the atmosphere that surrounds you and influences you. If you’re around negative people they can influence your thinking and stop you from being creative. People who are conventional, traditional and even copy cats can cause you to reject your creative mind and put pressure on you  to become like them. Many religious movements take on this type of being, putting pressure on everyone in their movement to conform or be rejected.
  6. Narcissism: This becomes a behavior of many creatives. They love themselves and what they create so much they become the focus, the source and object of their creativity. They lose the ability to serve, which is the greatest expression of the Kingdom of God, and they become fascinated with themselves. They become a god in the midst of their creative genius. They love themselves so much that they lose the ability to love the Lord and His creation. This creates pride which leads to their downfall. 
  7. Trauma: Trauma operates like an explosion, blowing up and shattering imagination. It can cause a creative to become a prisoner in his / her own brain, it can cause them to lose their ability to imagine and create. It can limit creative expression. Though artists, like Beethoven and Micheal Jackson were creative giants in their times their unhealed trauma affected the quality of their lives.       

How can a creative break free from these devastating blocks? The Holy Spirit is the One who can cause you to breakthrough and replace each one of these destructive blocks.

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit for energy to create; 
  2. Declare 2 Timothy 1:7 over your fear. Ask the Lord for His love to conquer your fear; 
  3. Ask the Lord for His peace; 
  4. Ask the Lord to give you grace to act and not wait for ‘the perfect moment’; 
  5. Fill your mind and brain with good thoughts from the Word of God; 
  6. Ask the Lord to give you His heart for the people you are called to serve through your creativity; and 
  7. Ask the Lord to heal you from trauma and cause you to create through your trauma.

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