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Shabach, One Of The 7 Hebrew Words For Praise

Shabach, One Of The 7 Hebrew Words For Praise
Shabach, One Of The 7 Hebrew Words For Praise

The Hebrew Bible has 7 different Hebrew words for praise: halalyadah, todah, shabach, barak, zamar, and tehillah. Although they are interpreted in the English translation with the same word, ‘praise,’ each has a distinct meaning. And for this article, we will study the fourth Hebrew word for praise, shabach.

Shabach, a Hebrew word for praise

The Hebrew word ‘shabach’ means:

  1. To address in a loud tone
  2. To laud, praise, commend
  3. It can also mean to soothe, still, stroke, calm someone
  4. To give a loud declaration, adoration, or praise to the Lord

So, shabach basically means giving a loud shout of praise to the Lord. We can refer to it as a triumphant shout of praise.

Joshua 6 is a good illustration of where the people of God gave a shabach. When Joshua led the Israelites to conquer Jericho, God instructed them in specific instructions for victory. First, they had to march around the fortified walls of the city in silence for six days. But on the seventh day, they had to circle the land seven times. And on its last time, all the troops will then give a mighty shout.

Their loud outcry collapsed the walls of Jericho and brought them victory. They shouted in triumph already, even though they hadn’t completely taken over the city. They put their trust in God that the victory is already theirs because God promised them.

Sometimes, it takes a loud shout of praise to remind ourselves that the God we serve is a God of victory. And celebrating the goodness of God puts us in perspective that He reigns overall. And that whatever our situation is, we are confident that He will not forsake us and fail us.

Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall praise (shabach) Thy works to another, and shall declare Thy mighty acts.”

“Because Thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise (shabach) Thee.” Psalm 63:3

Reference: Youtube | Theo Heartsill


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