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Sharing Faith With Patients Seeking Medical Treatment

“When I do pray for a patient, it’s a procedure."

Sharing Faith With Patients Seeking Medical Treatment
Sharing Faith With Patients Seeking Medical Treatment

How can doctors wisely share their faith with their patients that are seeking medical treatment?

Heaven in Healthcare

In an episode of Heaven in Healthcare, host Pete Carter, MD, and guest Mike Von Fraunhofer, MD, share their stories of how they shared their faith in the medical field.

According to the two Christian doctors, doctors must also consider the spiritual wellness of their patients. They are called not to only care about their physical wellness, but their entire wellness as a whole. And that includes their spiritual wellness.

“Doctors must take into account, not only the physical and psychological elements, but they must consider the spiritual and cultural elements. It’s not a ‘You could’ or ‘You might,’ it’s a GMC must, you must do it,” Dr. Mike said.

Medical Treatment

The General Medical Council (GMC) even mentioned this in their guidelines. According to the GMC, doctors or any healthcare workers can share their religious beliefs with their consenting patients. However, many are still getting in trouble for doing so. With that being said, the Lord’s wisdom is important in taking such actions.

“When I look at the GMC guidelines on this which talks only about if a patient asks you directly about it, everyone treats as if there’s a full stop at the end of that, and that’s it, end of the discussion. But actually there’s a coma, and it’s a very important rest of sentence which says, ‘or they indicate they would welcome such discussion. And that is key,” he added.

Sharing their faith

The two then continued to share their own experiences as Christians in the medical field. They shared testimonies of healing and miracles that they encountered with their patients. Dr. Mike also shared some wisdom on how he was able to share his faith with his patients.

“When I do pray for a patient, it’s a procedure, so like joint injections, like having a smear, it’s a procedure so I code it in the records. I don’t hide it, I keep a record of it and it’s code in the patient’s record.”

Dr. Pete then emphasized that as Christians, we should respect other people’s decisions no matter what. And that is also true in their medical practices and evangelical missions.

“Heaven in healthcare is a resource within the beings of Christians that is there to be offered. Not something to be trying to pull people towards our Christian religion,” Dr. Pete said.

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