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She Attempted to Kill Herself, Then Something Happened

Even when you're at your lowest, God is with you!

She Attempted to Kill Herself, Then Something Happened
She Attempted to Kill Herself, Then Something Happened

We live in a world governed by standards and rules.  As humans we have is it innate to long for a sense of belongingness.  We try to keep up with society’s pace and get frustrated when we fail.  We want to please people. We want people to accept us.  We want to feel wanted.  We want to feel important.  We want to be loved.  In order to get these, we work so hard to earn it.  What if we can’t earn it, even after striving so hard?  Many people share this thought process, so it is not all that surprising that depression and suicide rates grow year after year.

Though Tamara’s case is different from the conditions I’ve mentioned, her longing for acceptance made her depressed and her depression resulted to suicide.

At an early age she experienced living in a broken home.  Her parents got divorced and since then, her thought patterns started to form and develop a sense of rejection.  Since she was a small child during the divorce, she didn’t understand adult issues and she thought that the break-up was all about her.

“If I couldn’t live happy, I didn’t want to live at all.”

She believed that the only answer to end all her longing and sadness was to end her life.

“I walked to my mother’s room thinking I don’t want anyone to see me, because I’m so determined to end my life, to end the void, the suffering, the loneliness. Nothing was going to stop me.”

However, after the gun went off, she was brought to a place of complete torment.

Watch the video below for the detailed yet incredible story of how Tamara escaped death!


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