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Shocking Videos Say We Need to Accept Pedophilia

The Culture Wars Are Out of Control

Scholars are now saying that pedophilia is a sexual orientation that should be accepted by society. How should Bible-Believing Christians respond?

The Push to Redefine Pedophilia

A  number of Tedx videos have been shocking people around the world. It seems that the current conversation in the culture wars is trying to redefine pedophilia. The message is clear: “Accept pedophilia.”

Mirjam Heine, a medical student, presented a Tedx Talk at the University of Wurzburg in Germany on May 5, 2018. She said, “Pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation.” Continuing she was saying, “Just like, for example, heterosexuality, no one chooses to be a pedophile. No one can cease being one.”

Mirjam acknowledged that there is a lot of “discomfort” when talking about pedophilia. But then she stated, “Just like pedophiles, we are not responsible for our feelings. We do not choose them, but we are responsible for our actions, and we must make a decision. We should accept that pedophiles are people who have not chosen their sexuality.”

Mirjam went on saying, “We must accept that pedophilia is a sexual preference.” She did draw a clear line for her opinion saying that abusing children is wrong. She also stated that a pedophile who has not acted on their preference has done nothing wrong.

If you watch the two-minute video, the two speakers on this video are also using an emotional appeal. They’re trying to humanize the discussion, stating pedophilia is only a biological issue.


Defining Pedophilia

What these speakers are missing in this discussion is the definition of pedophilia. It is defined as, “a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child.” And, since 1968, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders it is a treatable mental disorder. Research has no conclusive support that it is a biological issue. But is has rather been more of a learned behavior from sexual abuse. If the urges are acted upon, it is immoral and illegal.

A Christian Worldview is needed

One pastor remarked, “The culture wars are in full swing. It seems that a vocal liberal minority is trying to normalize the abnormal, celebrating the bizarre. However, if we are hearing that we must accept pedophilia repeatedly, more people will accept it. But then in time the message will be about accepting child sexual abuse. And we cannot tolerate that. The Church must speak Biblical truth in love.”

The pastor concluded by saying, “Only the power of the Holy Spirit can truly change hearts and minds, setting the captives free. Everyone can be recipients of the love and forgiveness of Christ Jesus. Transformation by a renewing of their mind according to Romans 12:1-2. They can change and that is through the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.



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