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Should I Attend Christian Universities in California?

To attend a college out of state, or not to, that is the question.

Should I Attend Christian Universities in California?
Should I Attend Christian Universities in California?

While it does not have to be one of the various Christian universities in California, an educational relocation is one of the first biggest decisions a teen has to make. It is a major commitment; for you, as a teen, as well as your parents. You will need to adjust to life on your own, fending for the most part for yourself. And your parents? Well, now they must live without their little ones in the home. It is a great shock for mom and dad when you do not come home every day. However, there are great benefits of attending a college away from home, just as there are benefits of staying close.

Christian Universities in California: Staying Local

There are many reasons to remain close to home to complete your next level of education. The most popular reason is that you just want to. Maybe you live in a state where your ideal college is located. What a blessing!! But for some, other reasons exist. Either way, there are several benefits to staying near the nest. And if you are native to the West Coast, you have a lot of options for Christian universities in California.


    • Less expensive – Of course, if you are staying local, you are avoiding having to pay for room and board. This can be a major driving force, especially for a student who does not have any scholarships or is financially stressed to travel to another school in another state.
    • Close to home – You are also spared the expense of traveling home for holidays and summer breaks. Even if you are in the same state and still staying on campus, you are most likely a drive away as opposed to an expensive plane ticket. And let’s be honest, it puts much less stress on mom and dad letting go of their little-grown-up one. It is all about stages before you fly the nest permanently.
    • Church Activity – You remain close to the church family you grew up with. Especially if you are somewhat involved. Leaving home is part of growing up, but there is also something to be said about your roots. Plus, chances are the members of your church are somewhat responsible for getting you to where you are right now. With so many different churches on the West Coast, you will also find lots of worship options close to Christian universities in California.
    • Established Connections – In addition to your church and family, if you need to take on a job to help fund your schooling, it is easier to keep when you are local. Having a job when you are out of state would require time off to come home. It would be difficult to take leave from a job during your time off and still hold the job. Being local you can still spend time with family while being able to keep your much-needed job.

Relocating to Christian Universities in California

Growing up, most kids dream for that one day when they will be freed of the dominion of the parent. To extend their wings and fly to where they really want to be; “anywhere but here”.

But sometimes that desire to flee is answering a calling on your life. And sometimes that call leads you across the country to a domestic foreign land. There is no issue with this, and there are benefits to traveling to Christian universities in California, Texas, Florida, or any other state you are drawn to.


    • Experiencing life on your own – One of the greatest, and heart-wrenching, moments is when a child leaves the home. It is an official closure to childhood and the beginning of true adulthood. Supporting yourself on any level produces maturity and helps you understand all the times your parents scolded you on the importance of finances.
    • Exploring more than your backyard – Just like we spoke of the benefits of remaining close to home, exploring new and exciting areas of America can be just as beneficial. You get to see and learn about new cultures. Yes, you would be amazed at the differences between a small town in South Texas and the bright lights of a major metropolis. Learning about how different people interact will prepare you for life whether at Christian universities in California or elsewhere.

A Final Word about Christian Universities in California

Growing up is about learning what God has called you to do, and then being obedient to the Great Commission and going into all the world. College is just another step in the process. If college is in God’s design for you, whether it be at one of the many Christian universities in California or down in the peninsula of Florida, you can rest assured that He will guide you in making it possible. Where God guides, His hand will provide. And that is all the assurance you need.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.


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