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WATCH: Sid Roth: Explosion of Miracles Coming Toward You Every Day

Sid Roth: Explosion of Miracles Coming Toward You or Past You Every Day

Sid Roth, who has been studying healing, miracles, and the supernatural for over 35 years, recently welcomed prophet Hank Kunneman and healer Richard Roberts to his talk show for a mind-blowing episode entitled “Combine Prophecy and Healing for Supernatural Results.”

The two guests worked in tandem, healing the sick and prophesying a future filled with God’s glory. In a time when doom and gloom roll off the tongue, their message of healing and restoration brings hope for us all.

A Prophecy For All The Nations

When asked what God would do this year, Kunneman, who famously predicted the September 11 terrorist attacks, emphasized that it’s not about this year – it’s about the here and now. Just as a high-speed computer quickly downloads files, God is downloading glory, healing, and restoration into our world.

You see, according to Kunneman, God’s intention has not changed. He will redeem. Today, as well as yesterday and tomorrow, God has a message of help and hope. Hallelujah!

So what exactly is on God’s heart? Well, Kunneman did not shy away from sharing a message straight from the Throne Room: “I’m the God that moves in the now. And now my glory is coming upon this nation – the United States – and the nations of the Earth, and it’s coming fast. The United States, you shall be united, as what bears your name, and there is a move that shall change legislatively. You shall see that the finest days will be soon upon you.”

When Kunneman received this divine knowledge, he prayed according to Scripture. He believes that his response of Scripture-inspired prayer allows the conversation with God to continue indefinitely. Indeed, he has an open channel of communication with the Lord – an ear in the Throne Room.

Grab Your Miracle

After this chill-inducing prophesy, Richard Roberts, in the tradition of his father, Oral Roberts, preceded to heal the sick. He has successfully healed people suffering from stage IV cancer. But instead of glorifying himself, he claims that it is the faith of the individuals that allows for healing to occur.

According to Roberts, God’s power is only half of the equation. To truly reap the glory God intends for the nations of the Earth, we must “learn to use our faith.” How? By using a point of contact, such as the Word of God, to touch Christ. This point of contact allows us to release our faith and receive a miracle.

The dynamic duo of Kunneman and Roberts predict that as we enter into this “season of glory,” miracles come toward us and move past us every day. Release your faith, grab onto your miracle, and be part of the revival that God has planned.

Unstoppable Glory

To end this powerful talk show, Kunneman relayed a prophetic message that occurred while he was walking his dogs. As the clouds parted, a divine voice told him that there would soon be a season of glory for all nations. God asked Kunneman, “Do you know what glory looks like?” Speechless, Kunneman began to weep. God responded, “I’m about to show you what glory looks like – signs, wonders, and miracles – upon this nation.”

After this divine encounter, Kunneman believes now more than ever that glory is upon us. Whether we like it or not, we will be unable to stop it. Kunneman and Roberts embrace God’s redemptive plan and look forward to the coming restoration of glory upon this Earth.

Are you ready to grab ahold of the miracles all around you? Take a step of faith today and claim your divine miracle!

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