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Photo Of Little Boy Holding Premature Sibling Goes Viral

A love beyond words!

Photo Of Little Boy Holding Premature Sibling Goes Viral
Photo Of Little Boy Holding Premature Sibling Goes Viral

A photo capturing a sweet little boy giving skin-to-skin contact to one of his premature siblings has gone viral!

Skin-to-skin contact

While other parts of the world don’t recommend skin-to-skin human contact to incubated babies, the Scandinavian region of Europe believes and recommends it for premature babies. It is generally believed that skin-to-skin human contact with new-born babies improves their health better than being completely isolated in a machine.

Skin-to-skin contact is usually performed by a mother. However, if the mother is unable to cater to their child, immediate family members can warm the baby instead. Aside from improving the baby’s health, family members are able form a bond with the new-born through this procedure.

Benefits of skin-to-skin contact

The photo captured at the Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark and was uploaded in May 2015 by the South African NINO Birth Organization. It has since gone viral and has touched thousands of people’s hearts.

In Sweden, skin-to-skin contact is highly recommended to babies who low in weight.

“Parental breast is better at regulating temperature than a hive,” Swedish professor Uwe Ewald said. “Skin against the skin contact helps the child breathe better. The baby gets more calm and takes on weight faster. Research shows that the parent’s bacteria, compared to the hospital’s bacteria, reduce the risk of serious infections in these types of children.”

Viral photo

Hundreds have left comments on the viral photo and some even reminisced about time when they held their babies.

15 years ago in Sweden my very sick, tiny, heartsick baby spent most of her time on my husband’s chest. Not sure if she would make it, we treasured every minute she was brought out of the incubator. Today she is a healthy beautiful young lady,” Malin N. wrote on a comment.

“All of my older kids had to take a turn with the new baby inside their t-shirts as he was so fractious (not a babba anymore)… It settled him. The more ‘new’ trends I see emerging make me proud that I have been doing things right for years… Trust your instincts… Lovely pic,” Marie F. also wrote.

This image teaches us what should a brother’s love look like. A love beyond words, beyond circumstances, this is what love looks like!

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Reference: Family Life Goals 

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