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Skydiver Miraculously Survives Fatal Mid-air Collision

The doctors said he would either die or be paralyzed for life

Confidence is extremely important in our lives, but few people have it. For Korey Fisher, he started looking for a way to gain self-confidence. But contrary to common methods or what most people would do, Korey resort to skydiving.

“I thought to myself ‘This is closer to what I imagine God wants us to live like,’ this – experiencing this, uh being alive. It’s about being alive,” Korey said.

After 6 years of training and he became a certified skydiving instructor with 1500 jumps. But in November 2017, he almost died when he collided with another skydiver mid-air. They fell 200 feet from the ground and lost consciousness. It was a fatal fall. The hospital said that even if he survived he would most definitely be paralyzed for life.

Thousands of prayers were going round the clock for Korey from churches and friends around the world. Because of that, a miracle happened.

Ria, Korey’s mom remembers, “When his surgeon told me that he had in all the years that he’d been a trauma surgeon he’d never seen this injury without paralysis he said he fully expected to walk into that trauma bay after looking at his MRIs and find a paraplegic and he said to find full movement that blew him away. He said this is the first time I as a physician can say I have seen a miracle.”

When Ria started to worry for her child, Korey just replied: “Don’t worry mom Jesus has got this.”

“If he can supernaturally change a human being falling out the sky’s situation, to not die, to not be paralyzed, to override physical limitations of the human body when striking the ground, He can handle all of the things in my life that I’m not in control of. To give me my life back completely, uninhibited by anything, is overwhelming to me.”

This article is written by Le-Jovale Vallejo.

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