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Sleeping Through Your Dreams

Sleeping Through Your Dreams
Sleeping Through Your Dreams

Have you ever had a long, stressful day and come home and gotten into bed to find yourself thinking of what “could be”? Thinking about things that are reachable and 100% realistic.. only to leave it inside of your thoughts or dreams?

That’s actually a lot of us. We can be living our best life possible and one night, we have a crazy amazing, God-sized vision in our sleep just to wake up the next morning and forget all about it… It’s more than typical nowadays… but what if we actually took the time to pay attention and document these dreams/visions that we have? What if God is speaking to you in your sleep and you just aren’t grasping  His Word for you?! That would be crazy right? 

Starting to listen

Maybe that’s you. You know deep down that God has placed some radical thoughts in your mind and you have just let them run through your head and fade away when you wake up to start your day. Now, I don’t expect everyone to do this, but I do encourage you to try. Whether you find yourself on your knees in prayer or dead asleep in your bed, when you hear a God-sized thought come through your mind, WAKE UP AND JOURNAL IT!

That split second decision to stop and document what you feel. that. God has placed on your life can literally change the course of history. You are called to do some amazing things in life, and God could be trying to communicate it to you… You just have to listen.

Seeing the vision

When you see the vision, start to pray over it! Circle it in prayer and ask for guidance and perseverance as He walks you through it… You can’t let your self-doubt or anyone else’s opinions sidetrack you from it. Until you feel it is clear enough to share, hold yourself accountable and share it with someone to help you stay accountable and walk through it with you!

(Reminder: You are never alone. He is with you at every moment!)

Fighting through the negativity

You will get negative feedback. Whenever you are doing something right, whether it’s in ministry or not, you will get negativity thrown your way at some point. While I encourage you to hold your tongue and ignore critics, I also encourage you to pray for them and let them know that they are loved. You can’t let anyone or anything stop you from chasing the vision. Not yourself, not your parents, NO ONE. Let God lead you and He will never leave you alone.

Trusting His timing

I’m sure while you start your journey that you will have mountains to climb and valleys to venture through but DONT LOSE HOPE. Trust His timing and believe that His Word will never fail you. When you drop everything and start your journey, there will be sacrifices and there will be hurt… But the pain will fade over the horizon and joy will follow. Just keep chasing it!

A letter from Trevor

Dear Dreamer,

This is just the beginning! God’s vision and plans for your life supersede anything you can ever dream or pursue alone. He is extravagant and the maker of the heavens and the earth and knows exactly what your purpose is. While you walk, jog, run or stop for a breather, just know that I am praying over you specifically. Yes, You! I don’t know who you are specifically but this word is especially for YOU! WAKE UP! I believe that you will succeed and that God will hold you every step of the way. Stay strong, never give up and trust Him every step of the way. 

– Trevor Tyson

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