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Are You Chained To Your Smartphone? Watch This Viral Video!

With over 179,000 likes this clever video is clearly resonating with many Facebook users and abusers!

Are You Chained To Your Smartphone? Watch This Viral Video!
Are You Chained To Your Smartphone? Watch This Viral Video!

The iPhone or smartphone has overtaken so many people’s lives. And, wherever you go these days you’ll find someone using their mobile while they’re busy with something else. We see families sitting around tables, each person on an iPhone or other device practically ignoring each other. It’s all too familiar. Many of us are completely absorbed by our phones and the prospect of a dead battery is too awful to consider!

Spoken word artist, Steven McLeish tackles excessive smartphone use and social media abuse in his video (below). Published by BBC Scotland, it’s ironic that it has just gone viral on Facebook, one of the platforms it cautions against! Entitled ‘Don’t Forget to Look Up’ this is a brilliant piece of contemporary poetry that urges us to get our eyes off our smartphones and onto our loved ones.

While social media offers opportunities to connect with others, far and wide – it can cause a huge disconnect between us and those who are near.  For many of us it’s time to recognise we’re addicted, “lay down the device” and see there is true beauty in life. Watch Steven in action and be inspired to take back your time, your dreams and your family!

Don’t forget to look up

iPhone #iRule I am the device

It’s really clever how Steven gives voice to an iPhone sharing what it could say if it could speak: “I look nice but don’t always play nice. I’m overpriced but you’re willing to pay the price. I am the device.” Today most of us have such a device which can easily enslave us if we aren’t careful. An iPhone can easily become an iRule and something smart that makes us a dummy.

“If I’m not used right, I will keep you up all night. I will ruin your life,” the video warns. As you will hear, Steven is Scottish and it’s wonderful to see a young man representing Scotland so eloquently. He has a real gift with words and writing, yet Steven has had to overcome some challenges in his life including dyslexia, which he shares about in another post here on

This makes his spoken word video achievements all the more commendable. More importantly, Steven is an ambassador for God’s Kingdom. He serves as a pastor at Destiny Church, Glasgow and has a passion to Make Jesus Famous (MJF) by telling the world about God’s amazing grace and making the Gospel go viral. Indeed, making Jesus famous should be far more important to the believer than the fleeting fame social media can bring.

“I can promise you fame but being famous on social media is like winning monopoly money.”

Steven cleverly talks about Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram in the video: “Tweet away because you don’t know who you follow… snap your life when its hollow… and make you sure you get on Facebook so your face is never in a book… fall in love with a gram of instant love that will only love you back if your pictures are cool…”

However he is not totally against social media. It can be an effective way to make Jesus famous, rather than promoting ourselves.

Is your iPhone or other device stealing your identity? Do you feel enslaved or need help to overcome an addiction? Here are 5 Steps to Help You Break the Chains of Addiction. God’s will for you is freedom.

Read Steven McLeish’s blog posts and watch other spoken word videos.

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