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Soil And Rocks In The Heart, Fostering The Good Not The Mean

Cleaning the inside so the outside is clean too

Soil And Rocks In The Heart, Fostering The Good Not The Mean
Soil And Rocks In The Heart, Fostering The Good Not The Mean

Everyone, at the moment of conception in their mother’s wombs, has been given life-giving rich and well-nourished soil in their hearts. Mothers will tell you that when they first hold their new born babes in their arms that their babies without instructions or learning, love them back unconditionally. They can see the good. But as time moves on the mothers become aware that their child has a sinful side too.

Draw From The Good

Jesus said good people draw from the good stored in their hearts as they journey through life. And on the contrary, He also said that the wicked draw from the wicked stored in their hearts. We all fall in between these two extremes. The good draw life from the Holy Spirit and produce good fruit within that they willingly share with others. The wicked or unhealthy have hearts with some soil, but they have plenty of rocks mixed in. The rocks are made from hardened soil that represent the person’s negative attitudes in the presence of anger. This is made from conscious or unconscious judgments and commitments that are unhealthy. And that they were deceived into embracing the dark side with empty promises.

Healthy people have a lot of good soil. They, together with the Holy Spirit, cultivate, educate, and water the soil. And water seeds of truth. They are caring and foster a strong commitment to humility, faith, hope and love in their soiled hearts. These people care for others and wouldn’t dream of throwing dirt or rocks in disputes with other people. But, those people with plenty of rocks in their hearts who have been hurt often without healing end up hurting others. Unfortunately, they throw rocks stored in their hearts. They do this in an attempt to protect themselves.

Watch The Reaction

Rocks are rough and exert plenty of “meanness” through the human will. When this is the case we can employ the strategy of “Event + Reaction = Outcome”. Which means in between an “Event” and “Outcome” there is a window of opportunity where we can decide on what our Reactions can be to get a healthier Outcome. 

For a Christian, our “Reaction” encompasses three things: confession of sin to God (1 John 1:9), repentance in prayer (Luke 15, John 14:13), as we begin to feel the “Events” and navigate our “Reactions” of meanness in conflict if we have unhealthy hearts. We will slowly sense the meanness coming up from within our hearts when conflicts happen. Then the wise thing to do is confess this sin of meanness to God as we encounter the meanness. And then give up the old “Reaction” of meanness in faith through prayer with Jesus’ help. Subsequently, choose to love and be kind to our former enemy with Jesus’ help. This is done by replacing meanness with virtues granted by Jesus’ grace.

Learning To Love

Using this strategy we can slowly clean up our sour meanness towards people. We can do it one context at a time with God’s help. And eventually become kinder from the inside out instead. There are many more unhealthy things that can grow in our hearts. For more strategies on learning to love and putting to death strongholds of sin like meanness in our hearts check out my book: Dismantling The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil Within So Love Can Thrive. This book gives hope, strategies, and results with Jesus grace and truth.

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