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Spending Time With God, Jesus and Holy Spirit

Practical steps to getting to know God, Jesus and Holy Spirit better

Spending Time With God, Jesus and Holy Spirit
Spending Time With God, Jesus and Holy Spirit

“I just want to see Jesus’ face” my coaching client lamented to me when we met the other day.

I used to feel the same frustration and hunger just to get to know Jesus more. But I couldn’t figure out why it seemed to be so difficult and out of reach!

At church this past weekend and the worship leader had invited us to ‘see Jesus’ face’. My client doesn’t typically see pictures in his mind’s eye and was super frustrated…

You know what it’s like. Close your eyes and try to picture Jesus’ face…and all you see is an actor who played Him in a movie, or a painting you’ve seen somewhere. But you want to see Him for real – not someone else’s rendition of Him. Argh!

As we sat talking it through, I realized that my hunger to know the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit more, was no longer filled with that type of ‘angst of pursuit’.  Somewhere along the line it had been replaced by an ‘invitation to intimacy’ instead.

Accepting Their Invitation…

So how do you accept this invitation and get to know God as your Father? What does it look like to know Jesus as your Friend? And how do you get to interact with Holy Spirit to see ‘Heaven on Earth’ like He did with Jesus?

Wether you… 

  • are brand new to this idea of having a deep relationship with the Trinity, and just have no idea where to begin, or
  • have heart wounds from your experience with your earthly father and don’t know how to interact with a loving Father, or
  • perhaps you’re confused about the whole ‘the Trinity are separate, but all one’ concept and it’s difficult for you to relate to Them

I’m here to give you hope (and a slightly new perspective).

When I began to interact with Father, Son and Holy Spirit from the point of view of how They wanted to relate to me, everything shifted. Let’s unpack this…

God, your Father

Try this at home…

First thing when you wake up in the morning and you’re still lying in bed, reach your arms up to the ceiling as if you’re a little child wanting their Dad to pick them up. See a picture in your mind’s eye of your loving Heavenly Father delighted to hug you as you’re waking up. Feel His love for you snuggle up to the One Who adores you.

Jesus, your Savior

Try this at home…

Wherever you usually spend time talking to Jesus (in your sitting room or bedroom or office…), place a chair opposite you as if you’re having a conversation with someone. Imagine Jesus loving to spend time talking things through with you. The two of you are laughing, listening, answering, chatting. He lived on earth just like you do, so He knows what it’s like and He wants to partner with you.

Holy Spirit, your Helper

Try this at home…

The Holy Spirit came to be your Helper and is the One who gives you wisdom and counsel and strength (John 15:26 Amp). He is the One who brings the power of Heaven to Earth. He did this so that we can experience God’s love. Accept Jesus’ invitation to come back home to the Father. And live abundantly (John 10:10b).

Stay connected to Him by asking Him questions and thanking Him as He shares with you all that you need each day. I love to do this by ‘walking & talking’ – whether I’m in my home or am able to go outside for a walk.

Connect with Lisa van den Berg at The Ways of Wisdom where she can coach you to confidently hear the voice of God and learn how to get His direction for your life.

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