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Spiritual Warfare: It’s time to put on your armor Church

A guide to help you understand the Armor of God

Spiritual Warfare: It’s time to put on your armor Church
Spiritual Warfare: It’s time to put on your armor Church

There is increased spiritual warfare that the church has begun to experience in this hour. I have seen it first hand in my own ministry, and those that write into our ministry. Many are under attack personally, but more than us being attacked personally, I believe the church globally, and nationally is under attack. I felt strongly the Holy Spirit speaking this over the Body, that it was time for us to engage in skillful warfare. We must put on our armor and prepare for the battle ahead of us. I want to help the body with this article with some basic things I have learned in spiritual warfare over the years.

The Victory Of The Cross – Our Spiritual Warfare

Colossians 2:13-15: When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”

One of the greatest revelations I have received in the ministry of spiritual warfare is that the Victory has already been won by the cross and the blood. Spiritual Warfare is not just about fighting the devil. Many misunderstood the ministry of spiritual warfare and it’s importance in enforcing the Victory Of The Cross. Some reject spiritual warfare saying it’s too devil focused. However, this is not true nor biblical. Spiritual Warfare is about God, not the devil. Spiritual Warfare is about enforcing the victory that has already been won through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The verse above said that as a result of the cross hell was disarmed, and openly defeated. If two nations both have nuclear weapons and are in a war, and then suddenly one of the nations is disarmed the whole trajectory of the war changes. All because their weapons were taken. If this happened in a natural war the battle would be over. All that would need to be done is overthrown by the victor.

When Satan’s kingdom was disarmed, by what Jesus did on the cross, we were commissioned as Heaven’s ambassadors. This gave us the legal authority to advance and bring under subjection all demonic power. The cross and the blood are our legal documentation in the spirit to advance into the darkness of Satan’s kingdom. So as you begin to engage the enemy, it’s important that you do it from a place of victory. We do not have to be afraid of the enemy because he has already been defeated. In prayer and intercession we must begin to declare in the realm of the spirit that Satan, you have been legally defeated once and for all. I overturn your plans and enforce the Victory Of Christ.

Spiritual Warfare and The Authority Of The Believer

We as believers have been given authority in the earth through the death and resurrection Of Jesus Christ. Jesus then, before ascending back to the Father to sit at His right hand, delegated His authority to us as His bride over all the powers of the enemy, giving us legal authority in Jesus name over all demonic powers. The spirit realm and prayer is all about legalities. Heaven has a courtroom, we must grasp that prayer is about more than just loving on Jesus. That is our focus, but spiritual warfare prayer and intercessory prayer is mostly a legal battle. That’s why most of the deliverance is about what doors were opened for Satan to enter. Satan is legalistic, Satan is a demonic lawyer in the spirit. That’s why he is so effective in nations at changing laws. Believers must understand that we have been given Christ’s authority in prayer. We must also understand that though we have been given the authority of Christ, there are levels of authority like in the United States Army. I was given a powerful revelation which is that the army of God is actually set up similar to that of the United States Army. In the army, there are Captains, Lieutenants and so on. When you become a believer you are given entry-level authority like a person joining the military. Satan kingdom is also organized this way, he has a ranking. We see this in Ephesians 6.

As believers our authority gives us the ability to speak to demonic powers and they must obey legally. I believe this is why God has breathed on teaching the courts of heaven. He wants to equip us to be more effective in prayer legally. Many have prayed prayers for twenty years with no answer. In understanding the authority that has been given and using it in prayer, we by using our legally delegated authority, will cause regional principalities to bow, and see the overthrow of demonic structures and much more in Jesus name.

The Blood – The Weapon of Spiritual Warfare

One revelation that we have lost in spiritual warfare is the revelation of The Blood Of Jesus. Having a revelation of the blood will save your life. In natural warfare when a soldier is badly wounded and taken to the hospital they are given blood to bring them back to strength and life. In the Old Testament book of Exodus, the blood was used as protection in Egypt, as the spirit of death came upon the land to kill the firstborn. Only those that applied blood had the spirit of death pass by there homes. The blood was deaths do not enter warning. This declared in the realm of spirit divine protection. This is what applying the blood also does in our lives and ministries. It says, “devil you have been defeated and can not enter this life, city and or nation.” In the new testament, the blood is both a defensive and offensive weapon in the spiritual battle. As we apply the blood in prayer Satan is reminded of his defeat. The blood terrorizes the enemy’s kingdom and is a continual reminder of his defeat and our victory. There truly is power in applying the blood of Jesus. As we pray for cities, nations and even our personal lives. Like in the book of Exodus when we apply the blood we will see deliverance released. We will see the protective power of the blood overcome the powers of this age. We must apply the blood, and also lose the blood as we pray. There is deliverance and healing in the blood. The Bible is the book of Revelation (find scripture) says that we overcome Satan by the blood. The key to God’s people to overcome in this season is locked up in a revelation of the blood of Jesus. It’s time that you began to use the blood as a weapon in your offense and defense in warfare.

The Full Armor Of God & Spiritual Warfare

As we advance the kingdom through spiritual warfare prayers we must understand that we are not naked soldiers, but have been given a six-piece weaponry suit that is supposed to be put on daily, never to be taken off. Many believers are praying naked in the spirit. Paul in writing about this armor is paralleling our armor as believers to that of the Roman soilers of his day. Can you imagine a soldier going into battle with no weapons or natural covering? This is what many believers are doing daily. These six pieces of armor equipment are:

First, the belt of truth
Secondly, the breastplate of righteousness
Third, the shoes of the preparation of the Gospel
Fourthly, the shield of Faith
Fifth, the helmet of salvation
Sixth, the sword of the Spirit;

These six weapons are our secret weapons in the spirit. With these, we will be able to stand against every attack that Satan brings against us.

The Belt Of Truth

A belt is meant to hold up something. This piece of armor is meant to hold up a standard of spiritual truth. This protects us from deception and the lies of the enemy. This belt, when put on in prayer, protects us from error in the spirit. Many false prophets are born out of a lack of putting their belt of truth on in prayer.

The Breastplate Of Righteousness

This piece of armor is meant to protect our hearts from being lead after other lovers. Idolatry becomes our portion when in the secret place we do not put on our Breastplate that protects the heart. Satan is after the hearts and minds of a generation this army is crucial to our hearts staying established in God’s loving nature.

The Shoes Of The Preparation Of The Gospel

Shoes represent walking, always ready to run, and flee Satan’s temptations. Like Joseph who ran from the wife of Potipher. We must run, while also being prepared to preach the word of life to the lost. These shoes are preparational and needed in warfare.

Shield Of Faith

Demonic darts are constantly being shot at the people of God. These are darts of witchcraft, lies, and doubt, among other things. The only way we can survive is by having the shield of Faith. In seasons of an attack on all sides, we must in prayer lift up our shield even concerning our family members, churches and cities. Our shield is not just for us. Every demonic arrow will fall as you walk with your shield in hand.

The Helmet of Salvation

The greatest battle taking place in the earth right now is not the LGBTQ agenda or racism. But is the battle over the control of the minds of the human race. The mind is the battlefield, this piece of armor in my experience is our most important. We are told to pull down strongholds. These strongholds are not just in cities or regions, but are in the minds of people; in prayer, we are to pull down strongholds in the minds of people and also ourselves. We are then to put on the helmet of salvation, which is the mind of Christ. This helmet gives us heavens perspective. It protects our minds from the lies of the enemy.

The Sword Of The Spirit

A sword is meant to kill and is offensive. This weapon is the key to our victory in warfare praying. It is the word of God that we use in prayer as our sword. Like Jesus in the wilderness, after he fasted, Jesus used the scripture to fight back against the enemy. We must pray the scripture, and use them as our foundation in prayer. The word of God is sharp declares the word, and as we pray the word in prayer every demonic spirit or structure must move. The word is binding in prayer and is legal in the spirit. It is like a bomb against Satan’s kingdom.

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