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Spiritually Pregnant? This Revelation Will Give You Strength

Just like women waiting to give birth, we are often spiritually waiting on the Lord.

Spiritually Pregnant? This Revelation Will Give You Strength
Spiritually Pregnant? This Revelation Will Give You Strength

I’ve had a series of baby dreams over the last decade. One seemed to build upon another until this last one, which seemed out of sequence. One interpretation set me—and many others—free from frustration.

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After receiving the dream and interpretation I shared last week, something unusual happened. Something that defies coincidence and happenstance. Something that goes beyond a chance encounter or a fluke face-to-face. Something that could only be God encouraging me to continue preparing for the birthing.

It happened while I was on my way from Fort Lauderdale to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to minister in the Navajo Nation with a group of people I had never met. The Southwest flight had one stop in Houston. I had to change planes for the second leg of the journey. I usually don’t fly Southwest so I didn’t realize there was open seating until the flight attendant told me to, “Sit wherever you’d like.”

Waiting on the Lord

Now, I must admit I don’t normally pray about what airplane seat to occupy on my journeys. Of course, I prefer an aisle seat close to the front so I can get where I’m going just a little quicker! But it’s never occurred to me to stop and pray about my seating—until the Holy Spirit moved on my heart to ask.

So I stood there—with a long line of impatient people behind me—asking the Holy Spirit to show me where to sit. I scanned the aisles from as far back as I could see to right in front of me until I felt led a few rows down on the left. An older woman was sitting on the aisle seat and had an empty seat next to her. I asked if I could take the seat. She nodded. I sat down and determined to do some reading on the second leg of my trip—except this woman started talking to me.

Now, I usually don’t talk to folks on the plane much. I like to read or pray or otherwise process thoughts and strategize about the next assignment. But this woman wanted to chat. I thought I heard her say she was on her way to see her girlfriend who had called her in the middle of the night to rush out to California. I was troubled.

The Midwife is Ready

I thought to myself, “OK, she’s a lesbian and God wants me to share the Gospel with her. That’s why I’m sitting here.” I was wondering what would happen next. I kept listening to her and waiting for an opening. Only I had misheard her. She didn’t say she was going to meet her girlfriend. I misheard. She said she was going to deliver a baby. An old friend had called her in the middle of the night to hurry out to Sacramento because labor pains had started…I said labor pains had started!

God purposely sat me next to a midwife—a midwife that has delivered Hollywood stars and Olympic athletes, among many hundreds of other babies over the course of her career. I listened intently to her describe spiritual principles of birthing. I took notes on what the Holy Spirit was showing me while she shared the beauty of the birthing process. I was moved by the conversation. But what I learned next was really stunning: This midwife, whom I met on a plane in Houston, lives three blocks down the street from my house. We’re neighbors! What are the chances!

From that encounter—that divine appointment—I received this revelation: Sometimes the spiritual pregnancy is long and hard. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes you just feel like you are going to bust wide open. Sometimes the labor pains feel like too much to bear. Sometimes you don’t feel like pushing any more. But the midwife is ready!

When God’s perfect timing comes for you to deliver what He has put in you, He will be there to help you birth it. The Holy Spirit is your midwife, so to speak, and He is ready when the Father decides the time is right. So take heart. Don’t give way to frustration. God has your dream in His hands—because it’s His dream too!

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