Rejection, Slavery, Torture, Starvation, Humiliation and Deportation. A Miraculous Testimony from Sri Lanka: Broken Crayons Still Colour! | GOD TV

Broken Crayons Still Color! – A Miraculous Testimony From Sri Lanka

An Amazing Testimony of Overcoming Extreme Hardship.

Broken Crayons Still Color! – A Miraculous Testimony From Sri Lanka
Broken Crayons Still Color! – A Miraculous Testimony From Sri Lanka

Truly we serve the God who is able to turn around impossible situations and use His people to transform lives. GOD TV’s Regional Director for Sri Lanka, David Nicolle shares the amazing testimony of Jayanthi, a dear woman who has suffered so much and yet God has never given up on her.

Here’s her heartbreaking story

Jayanthi has experienced everything from rejection to strife, torment, slavery, torture, starvation, humiliation and deportation, but despite all this, she came to know the love of God and His people. It’s astounding how much God cares for each one of us and it is so encouraging to see how Jesus has personally intervened in her life, giving a poor, illiterate woman three supernatural visitations from Heaven.

Miracle birth

In September 1962, Jayanthi’s mother was seven months pregnant when she was gored by one of the goats she was shepherding. Left for dead, it seemed Jayanthi’s life was to be stolen from her before she was even born. But, in God’s providence, her mother miraculously came back to life in the morgue and Jayanthi was born via a C-section.

Adopted into slavery

Back in the village, the elders influenced her mother that her new-born baby was a bad omen and Jayanthi was given up for adoption. Her adoptive parents abused her from the age of six, treating her as a slave. She received no education or proper nutrition for 11 years. Then, at the age of 17, she married the first man who showed her kindness. Although they had three sons together, he became an alcoholic and gambler and life was an ongoing struggle with very little money.

Starvation and her first encounter with death

Jayanthi was forced to seek foreign employment in Kuwait in 1995. Her employer found it hard to communicate with her due to a language barrier and this resulted in her being punished by starvation. Two months later Jayanthi escaped only to be met by a man who offered to take her to the authorities but instead attempted to molest her. She fought back with all her strength and ran towards a high fence, which she scaled, but fell onto a highway where a car crashed into her.

Pain and affliction

Jayanthi woke up in a hospital three weeks later with head and spinal injuries, internal bleeding and a foot broken in three places. She was to endure multiple surgeries and fainted many times due to the unbearable pain that afflicted her body. Understandably she cannot recall much that took place in her life during this period, but, she does remember a small group of people whom she later came to know as Christians visiting the patients and praying for them.

Jesus doesn’t give up on us

When they approached her she screamed for them to depart, as she was of a different faith, and held God responsible for her life of misery. However, when faced with the news that doctors would have to remove her leg, Jayanthi had a change of heart and asked for prayer. That night she had a vision of Jesus on the Cross looking down at her as if wanting to communicate with her.

When she woke up the surgeons told her they had managed to save her leg by inserting three rods and they assured her she would walk again. This changed Jayanthi’s negative feeling towards God, as she said she couldn’t forget the face that looked at her from the Cross.

As her rehabilitation process progressed, Jayanthi was once again confronted with adversity. The police charged her with breaking her contract with her employer and she ended up in jail. Here she met other runaway women, who experienced similar abuse and many had received Jesus as their Lord, while in prison.

Power in the word of our testimony

Jayanthi shared her testimony of seeing Jesus on the Cross. Although she couldn’t read or write she had started to listen to scripture and had learned how to pray. Her prayer was to return home to Sri Lanka. A month later the prisoners were informed they were to be moved to a new facility. However the morning of their departure to the new facility, Jayanthi was put on a flight back to Sri Lanka.

Answered prayers don’t always mean happy endings

Her prayer was answered, but this did not mean an end to her suffering. Arriving in her village on crutches, the folk humiliated her for failing to support her family and things were even worse than ever. Her husband’s drunkenness and gambling had only increased and their sons were starving.

It is I who have died for you: An encounter with Jesus prevents suicide

Jayanthi became desperate and tied a sari to the main bulkhead of the roof as she considered taking her own life as her only way out. As she tied the cloth around her neck and was preparing to jump off the table, a loud voice filled the room saying: “It is I who have died for you, do not kill yourself”.

This audible voice shook Jayanthi to the core and she realised she needed to go in search of a church to find out more about the face that she’d seen in Kuwait and the voice that had saved her from suicide. She found a Pentecostal Mission in Godagamuwa and began to visit though still on crutches. She was warmly received by the pastoral team and was soon much loved by their assembly.

Miraculous healing

Soon after this, she was invited to travel to a healing convention in Colombo and the church provided a van to transport her. Here she repented for the negativity she had expressed towards God, blaming Him for her past life. The moment she made that confession, she had a vision of fire coming down from the roof of the hall and she was able to leave her crutches on the floor and jump up and down, speaking in tongues for the first time.

Trials will still come

In 1997 Jayanthi was baptised in water, but sadly a few months later her husband died. Now the main breadwinner was dead and although she had experienced much healing she still couldn’t really work. Furthermore, she had lost her sense of smell and taste for over two years. But, in 2002, just after the Festival of Passover she woke up in the night to find the room surrounded by angels who she felt were performing surgery to her spine and damaged leg.

The next morning she got her sense of smell and taste back and after taking an X- ray of her body doctors discovered that only one of the three rods that had been inserted into her leg remained and her spine was back to normal. This meant she could now seek work to fund her children’s future.

Still living in a mud hut in 2013, Jayanthi was happy to hear that the ruling party was building homes in her village. But when the authorities found out that she was a Christian, they stopped her government benefits and she lost out on the opportunity of having a government-funded home.

Thank you to our precious donors: The hands and feet of Jesus in Sri Lanka

When this heart-rending story was brought to the attention of GOD TV Sri Lanka, we decided to build her a home to give her a new lease on life. She will soon have all the basic amenities she needs to live a better life in a more hospitable surrounding. We’re so grateful to all our precious donors who desire to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house the homeless, because of the love of Jesus our Saviour.

Despite all Jayanthi has been through, God has come through for her, as He will do for you if you trust Him. Though broken in so many ways Jayanthi’s story shows how God can still use us to brighten the lives of others as we testify to God’s true colours.

Below is a photo of precious Jayanthi in the shack where she has been eking out an existence with her family. Thanks to GOD TV’s partners in Sri Lanka she will soon have a new home!

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