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How Can You Start A Revival In Your Life?

"Life without Jesus is 100% pathetic, it’s pathetic."

How Can You Start A Revival In Your Life?
How Can You Start A Revival In Your Life?

Worship leader Roy Fields shares how can one start a revival in his/her own life.

Roy Fields

In an episode of Today with Ward with GOD TV CEO and host Ward Simpson, musician and worshiper Roy Fields urged everyone to start a revival in their own lives. He shared that to start a revival, we first must be “genuinely hungry” for God.

“That’s where it starts, you have to be hungry for God,” Roy said. “It’s not enough just to read the Bible, it’s not enough just to sing a couple of songs, three hymns, three Herz, read the epitaph, and go home and eat a buffet, but being genuinely hungry for God to change your life.”

Life Without Jesus

The 43-year-old founder of Run with Fire Ministries International explains that it is God who is waiting for us and not the other way around.

“It’s like God is waiting on us, I don’t think we’re waiting on God, I think He’s waiting on.”

Life without Jesus is like a journey without any destination. Without Him we don’t have any purpose, we don’t know what will be the future and we don’t know how to truly live this life. According to Roy, it is “pathetic” to live a life without our Lord.

“It’s empty without Him, it’s empty. I’ve said this many time, life without Jesus is 100% pathetic, it’s pathetic. Because without Christ, there’s nothing to live for, there’s really no purpose. The house, the cars, the money, the accolades, the name recognition and all that, it doesn’t even compare and shadow to being in a relationship.”


Roy then ended his message by urging everyone to fall back in love again with Jesus. That is what revival is, reigniting the love you have in your heart for Him.

“Revival is returning back to Jesus and falling back in love with Him all over again.”

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