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Seeking God’s Kingdom First Versus The Cares Of Life

Don’t worry about missing out!

Seeking God’s Kingdom First Versus The Cares Of Life
Seeking God’s Kingdom First Versus The Cares Of Life

Matthew 6:33 reads like this in the Message Bible: “…Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.” (Original context: Jesus was speaking in the sermon on the mount to his disciples and crowds of people)

So, how do we ‘steep our life in God-reality’? (In the King James Version it uses the words, ‘seek first’ ) It’s all very well being super spiritual, but how does that pay my bills and deal with my family dysfunction, or my lack of employment?

To steep something is to totally immerse and soak that thing usually in water or some kind of liquid for a period of time; Either to soften the item, remove a stain or extract something such as flavour; like one does with tea for example.

By-Products of Seeking God’s Kingdom First

Jesus is literally saying in Matthew 6:33 that a by product of seeking God’s kingdom and HIS righteousness is a life where our needs for daily living are completely catered for. So, we don’t have to worry. We can casually look for God, or we can intentionally search, give our undivided attention to God and his word.

Jeremiah 29:13 -14 tells us that when we seek God with all of our heart, He will be found by us. Seeking with intention is different from dutiful religious practice.  Therefore seeking with intention is bound to lead to encountering who it is that we are seeking.

Seeking With Whole-Hearted Determination

Not long ago, I had a message from a friend, she told me a mutual acquaintance had been to her home recently enquiring if she knew my address or phone number. My friend told this person she needed to contact me first, and ensure it was ok for her to give it to him.

Just as I was replying in a text to my friend, I received a phone call. It was from the man who had been searching for me! Whilst waiting to hear from the first friend, He had contacted another friend who gave him my number. He was determined to find me, speak to me and he didn’t give up till he was able to speak to me. So, how determined are we to seek for God whole-heartedly?

God’s Kingdom – Righteousness, Peace and Joy through the Holy Spirit!

The cares of life have recently done a huge side swipe at most of us living on planet Earth! The current coronavirus pandemic has hurtled through nations, communities and families, and left most of us socially distanced. Because we are in such desperate times, we have been forced to find new ways of living and communicating.  Along with this plague-like disease have come new levels of fear and chaos across the globe. Many of us have lost loved ones, and in general we find that our lives are no longer the same. This is all the more reason to seek and pursue the kingdom of God, which is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, FIRST.

Understanding the Priorities

Additionally, understanding of the prioritising of being immersed, and steeped in the Kingdom of God is vital for our development and growth as believers. Otherwise, we risk the real danger of being overwhelmed by the cares and troubles of every day life.

When we understand that seeking God’s kingdom first is a kingdom dynamic and not in competition with our daily life, it brings us into an atmosphere that changes our whole outlook and perspective. It becomes less about keeping up with the rest of society’s trends, views and news. Instead, as a result it becomes more about daily living a God-reality, from God-initiatives, through God-provisions and showing worry the exit door!

Read and meditate on Jeremiah 29:12-14

Prayer: “Father help me to intentionally pause, seek and pursue YOU, YOUR kingdom and YOUR righteousness. I want to know you more and more.  May I be motivated out of a hunger, passion through your Spirit and a need that puts you God first in everything. Thank you faithful God that your promise to me is certain. Thank you that choosing you and your kingdom first is a foundational building block. This means all that you have planned for me will fall into place and not  be in competition.  Thank you Lord that as I seek you with all my heart, I will find you, and that you will look after all of my daily needs and cares. Amen”

I have included a break down of 6 sub themes on this life changing subject that can  you to meditate on and pray. There is also scripture that can be used to help focus your prayer over the coming week.

1. Don’t Worry About Missing Out – Matthew 6:33
2. Check Your Motivation – Jeremiah 29:13
3. The Choice is Yours – Matthew 6:33
4. Too Much to Gain to Lose – Matthew 6:33
5. Come to the Table Hungry – Jeremiah 29:13:13
6. God is Faithful – Jeremiah 29:14

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