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You can fix your eyes on circumstances, or you can choose to rest in the Lord.


If you read Isaiah 26:1-4, you’ll find this is the goal: Salvation, peace, rest, and stillness within.

If you read Exodus 14:1-13 you’ll find, “And Moses said to the people, Fear not, stand STILL , and see the salvation of the Lord , which He will show to you to day: for the Egyptians, (enemy) whom you have seen to day, you shall see them again no more forever.” The word “still”, in this passage, is a word that means stillness or rest.

When He tells them to stand still, He means in mind, and body, and spirit. It’s a “rest of everything”. When we get in situations where trouble comes, we tend to get our anxious minds going. Then we open our mouths and begin to say things in dispute, complaint, doubt, or worry. We take off after what we think is right. But the greatest thing we can do is be still, be quiet, trusting God, knowing He is in control at all times. We may not understand what we see around us. We begin trying to work things out for ourselves. But we were instructed to rest in Him. He brought salvation to uphold us. The only thing we were ever instructed to labor in was our faith works, in service to God, and laboring to rest (See James 3 and Hebrews 4).

Often times, we don’t see what is really going on. We fix our eyes on things going on around us. Then we get our mind worrying because we are focused on our situations. Just like Peter in the storm (See Matt 14:22-32).

What we need to realize is that God is never going to lead us into anything that is detrimental, or destructive to us. But God is always leading us to an end with great results (See Jer 29:11). Still is important for salvation … Jesus in the storm: “peace, be still“. (Mark 4:35-41)

Salvation is the goal.

It is given to us to give us rest- to give us peace. So our souls will be still.
It’s hard to let God save you, when you’re moving about frantically in a panic. See Isaiah 28:9-28. Do you think God did all He did, for nothing? Didn’t He send his son to die for something?

Yes! Our rest. Our salvation.

Remember when the disciples had been out ministering, and came back shouting how the demons were subject to them through His name? Jesus only said two things: the first about Satan falling like lightning, and the second how they should just rejoice in the fact that their names were written in Heaven. Knowing we have salvation, is our true source of strength and peace (See Luke 10:17-20).

So, we just learn to be still. To be quiet. To be at rest, in God. Know that He did this to give us a life in peace. No matter what comes. God has you in the palm of His hand.

Paul, Peter, John, etc., and ALL followers go through stuff. But those who know Him, go through it all in rest. He didn’t save you to drop you half way. Trust Him, that He will bring you through every time.
Rest, be still. Let God show you His salvation every time.

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